How a wiped film evaporator works

What is wiped film distillation

The wiped film evaporator is a new type of high-efficiency evaporator that is forced to form a film by rotating a film wiper and flows at a high speed, with high heat transfer efficiency and short residence time (about 10 to 50 seconds). A unique distributor not only has the material spilled evenly towards the inner wall of the evaporator, preventing the material from splashing into the evaporator and spraying into the steam flow, but also preventing the newly entered material from flashing here, which is beneficial to the elimination of foam It can only evaporate along the heating surface.

What is agitated thin film evaporator

Thin-film evaporator is also known as agitated thin film evaporator, which is a type of evaporator. It is characterized by the material liquid flowing along the heating tube wall in a film-like manner for heat transfer and evaporation. The advantages are high heat transfer efficiency, fast evaporation speed, and short material residence time, so it is particularly suitable for heat sensitivity.


How does a wiped film evaporator work

  Wiped film evaporator is widely used in heat-exchange engineer. What’s more, it is also used in the evaporation concentration, desolvation, stripping, reaction, degassing, deodorization (gas) smell of substances in pharmaceutical field, food-making, grease field, synthetic resin, petrochemical, pesticide biology, and other fields. Therefore, knowing how wiped film evaporator works is very essential to keep it’s high efficiency. The working procedures are as follows:

  1. First of all, warm up the materials to be fed to the specified temperature;

  2. Secondly, open the evaporator seal cooling water to keep it open;

  3. Then thirdly, open the evaporator’s vacuum and ensure that the evaporator system temperature is stable at -0.09Mpa;

  4. Fourthly, open the jacketed hot water valve of the evaporator. The opening degree is first 1/3;

  5. The pre-heated stream is driven into the evaporator by the wiper pump, and the feed amount is adjusted according to the flow meter display on the diaphragm pump;

  6. When the material in the kettle is almost finished, close the hot water valve of the evaporator to stop the hot water. After the material is completely pumped, turn off the feed pump motor and close the related valves. Then Observe the sight glass at the bottom of the evaporator and turn off the evaporator motor after no material falls. Later, then turn off the vacuum pump.

  Pay attention to all the details of working procedures, and keep safe when you are operating wiped film evaporator.

How does a falling film evaporator work

  In falling film evaporator equipment, sample materials will be added from the top of falling film evaporator. Then the materials will be divided into thin films, in order to get heated and evaporated more easily. The heating temperature will be set on the boiling point of substance’s boiling point, which is about to get evaporated. After evaporating the substance, the mixture and substance will be separated.


The applications of wiped film evaporator

There are several typical applications of wiped film evaporator and they are as follows:

  1. Concentration of Botanicals & Essential Oils. Like many other evaporators, wiped film evaporator can concentrate botanicals andEssential Oils, in order to get oils with higher concentration.
  2. Improved Evaporation over Rotary Evaporators, Kugelrohr & Rotovap Apparatus. Wiped film evaporator is an advanced evaporator among evaporators, because it has a higher evaporation efficiency.
  3. Chlorophyll, Phytosterols, Fat & Wax Removal, with clear distillate. Wiped film evaporator can remove chlorophyll, phytosterols, fat and wax out of materials.

The design of wiped film evaporator

The wiped film evaporator has high requirements on the barrel finish, so controlling the roundness of the barrel is the key. Therefore, in order to ensure the roundness of the barrel, corresponding measures were taken to control the roundness of the barrel. It has the characteristics of simple structure, low manufacturing cost, high distillation efficiency, good separation effect, suitable for distillation separation of high viscosity and heat-sensitive materials.

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