What is short path

  Short path refers to the short distance within experimental equipment, which is a short glass tube. Evaporated gas-phase substances are transferred along the short path and turned into liquid.

What is short path distillation used for

  Short path distillation is used on the concentration, separation, purification of materials. It is widely used in many fields, for example chemical labs, industrial factories, textile field and other fields. In our daily life, people always use short path distillation at their kitchens to concentrate foods or fruit juices. In this function, rotary evaporator can do the same.

How does distillation purify

  As we all know, short path distillation is a efficient and versatile distillation equipment, which can purify materials very well. So many people wonder how short path distillation purify materials and how does that work?

  Short path distillation is to purify materials by using heating energy to vaporize water and separate it from the mixture. In this way, short path distillation gets the water vapor evaporated out of the mixture, in order to purify the materials. Because water is a heat sensitive substance, short path distillation is suitable for purifying materials. These are some other purification equipment that have same function as short path distillation, such as rotary evaporator.

What does short path distillation do

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