How does short path distillation work

  The material is added from the top of the evaporator and distributed continuously and evenly on the heating surface through the material liquid distributor on the rotor. Then the film scraper scrapes the material liquid into an extremely thin, turbulent liquid film and pushes it downward in a spiral shape. During this process, the light molecules escaping from the heating surface will be condensed into liquid through a short route and almost won’t hit the built-in condenser. And then the light molecules flow down the condenser tube and will be discharged through the discharge tube at the bottom of the evaporator.The residual liquid, which is the heavy molecules, is collected in the circular channel under the heating zone and then flows out through the side discharge tube.

Marijuana distillate

  After the American legalization of marijuana, there are so many people planting and processing marijuana into different kinds of production in many different fields. So marijuana is widely used in industrial, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food-making and many other fields. Therefore, the distillate of marijuana is quite popular in society. There are several distillation equipment can do a good job on the distillate of marijuana, for example, rotary evaporator, molecular evaporator, falling film evaporator, wiped film evaporator, short path distillation and other distillation equipment. These equipment can do different work and impact on marijuana, it just depends on people’s thoughts. Anyway, the processing of marijuana is becoming more and more popular, and all you need to do is catch the chance.

What does short path distillation do

Short path distillation is used in so many fields, for example, chemical, industrial, food-processing, waste water and other fields. People have processed so many kinds of materials by using short path distillation. In chemical labs, scientists use short path distillation to extract several substances. Even in our daily life, people use short path distillation to concentrate juices.

short path distillation
short path distillation
How to show Short Path Distillation Apparatus?

Short path distillation working procedure

Short path distillation is widely used in many fields, for example, industrial, chemical labs, petrol industry and other fields. As we all know, short path distillation is used on the concentration and extraction of many substances. So knowing short path distillation working procedure is very essential and let’s see as follows:

  1. Turn on the main power source and then low temperature thermostatic bath. Press the freezing button and circulating button on thermostatic bath, and then set the temperature in order to put the temperature down to the setting temperature and stable.

  2. Turn on vane pump power supply, and observe if vane pump’s rotating makes the equipment under vacuum environment. Turn on oil pump power supply in order to make hot oil circulate. Turn on the electric heater power supply and set the heating temperature. Turn on stirring blade and observe if it works. Turn on roots pump power supply when vacuum degree achieves certain condition, and make the vacuum degree down to lowest.

  3. Put the materials into the evaporation flask and pay attention to the liquid height at the same time. Open the material outlet valve and pay attention to how big the material outlet valve is opened. Open the injection valves. Let in the materials in time and pay attention to the liquid height at the same time.

  4. Decrease the temperature after the evaporating process is done. When the temperature is down the safety temperature, close vane pump and roots pump, and then eliminate the vacuum.

  5. Take the receiving flask and evaporation flask down and turn down all the power supplies.

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