What is a Drying Machine?

What is a Drying Machine?

The drying machine transfers the heat directly to the materials, so that the moisture of the material is continuously evaporated in the cylinder, in order to achieve the purpose of drying the materials. It is used to remove moisture from the materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical, textile, agriculture,animal husbandry and other fields.

The drying machine includes industrial drying machine and civilian drying machine. The industrial drying machine is also called drying equipment or dryer. The civilian drying machine is part of the washing machines. It is usually used to remove water from clothing and other textiles to get items dried.

drying machine

How to Fix a Drying Machine?

During the process that we use drying machine, we could meet some questions sometimes. Then let’s see some questions and the solutions toward them next:

  • Question1: The moisture content of the dried material is greater than the specified value.
  • Solution: The elimination method is to control the production capacity of the drying machine and increase or decrease the supply of heat.
  • Question2: The rolling ring has a swinging motion on the cylinder.
  • Solution: The reason is that the side of the concave joint of the rolling ring is not clamped. The elimination method is to use the pad to keep the rolling ring and the concave joint evenly and properly clamped to prevent over-tightening and easy accident.
  • Question3: The meshing gap between the large gear and the pinion is broken.
  • Solution: Turning or changing depending on the wear condition can also be reversed or updated in pairs.

Applications of Industrial Drying Equipment

Drying is one of the most important operations in every field, which is to remove the water or some other substances from chemical compounds. Drying is widely used in so many fields, including industrial field, chemical field, cooking field, manufacture field, textile field and many other fields. Among those fields, industrial field uses drying technology most and for different application. For example, cannabis drying machine is especially for the hemp-processing operation, which is very popular recently; industrial fruit dehydrator is especially for the drying of all kinds of fruit, which is always used to make dried fruit; industrial curing ovens is different from cannabis drying machine, because they have totally different structures; industrial freeze drying equipment is a special kind of frying machine in drying technology and many other applications. Among these applications, different machines are used for different materials.

drying machine
drying machine

Selection of Industrial Drying Equipment

The common types of dryers in China includes spray dryers, airflow dryers, fluidized bed dryers, fluidized bed spray granulation dryers, and some other drying equipments. As we can see the different applications above, so we should select drying equipment differently according to our needs. The fluidized bed dryer has a relatively simple structure. It is mostly used to dry materials with a particle size of 0.003~6mm. The van dryer is mainly used for laboratory and small-scale production. Spray dryers are commonly used for drying milk, eggs, plasma, detergents, antibiotics, dyes and so on.

What is the Difference between a Vented Dryer and a Condenser Dryer?

Vented dryer is more traditional than condenser dryer. As we talked, vented dryer is more high-efficiency than condenser dryer. However, condenser dryer can be used more widely than vented dryer. Vented tumble dryer is more breakable than condenser dryer. Condenser dryer needs more time to dry materials than vented dryer.

How to Dry Hemp for CBD Production?

Properly drying hemp plays an important role in extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant, which can maximize the biomass or flower quality. The traditional hemp drying is manual drying. With the rapid development of hemp industry, modern hemp drying machine has come into the stage.

There are two main types of modern hemp drying machines, which are continuous dryers and batch dryers. A continuous dryer refers to a device that utilizes a conveyor belt or drum to constantly dry material, while a batch dryer refers to a system that holds one batch of material at a time to be replaced with new material when dry.

The continuous dryer can be further classified into belt dryers and rotary belts. A belt dryer is generally suitable for drying large amounts of biomass widely used in industrial and farm environments, which is highly efficient.

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