What is a closed loop extraction system

What is CRC extraction

  CRC extraction is a new extraction method toward cannabis market. The full name of CRC is color remediation column BHO, which is butane hash oil extraction process of cannabis.

What is a closed loop extraction system

  A closed loop extraction system is an extraction method that is used to extract, concentrate the cannabis plant materials. This extraction system is a one hundred percent closed system. The solvents of a closed loop extraction system can be recycled and used again and again. A closed loop extraction system is a full set extraction equipment, which means if you put the dried cannabis plant into a closed loop extraction system you will directly obtain the cbd oil. Because this extraction system can do the extraction, separating solvent and extracted substances and collect the substances.

  Generally, professional light hydrocarbon (BHO) extraction begins when cannabis is placed into an extraction tube. A pressurized solvent tank passes cleaned, tasteless, scentless butane through the plant material to strip its trichomes and a full range of cannabis compounds. Light hydrocarbon is the perfect key to unlocking and releasing all potential cannabinoids and terpenes.

  These systems use pressure vessels, pharmaceutical piping, pumps, and pneumatically actuated valves to store and recover the solvent for reuse. A post-extraction process completely removes the residual butane from the final product.

closed loop extraction
closed loop extraction

How does hydrocarbon extraction work

  Like ethanol extraction method , butane extraction method and Co2 extraction method, hydrocarbon extraction is also an extraction toward cannabis. In hydrocarbon extraction method, cannabis plant is placed into a glass test tube. When the cannabis is put into the tube, air gets removed out of the tube. There is a screen sticking with the tube bottom, in order to prevent the cannabis plant from falling from the tube.

What Products Can Be Made From A Closed-Loop System

The products made from a closed loop system are mostly Butane Hash Oil, which can be used in many fields. For example, budder, crumble, wax, shatter, and live resin are all the products that belong to Butane Hash Oil. A closed loop system is an efficient and energy-saving extraction system, which is also full-set. In the working process of closed loop system, solvents can be recycled and put into the new working cycle.

The safety feature of a closed loop system

A closed loop system has an automatic safety system. If butane gets leaked during the working process of a closed loop system, the automation system will shut down the whole system and the ventilating fans will switch to "purge mode" to replace harmful vapors with fresh air.

What are extractors used for

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