What are Rotary Evaporators Used for?

Where can a Rotary Evaporator Used?

A rotary evaporator can be widely used in many fields for different applications, such as industrial field, chemical field, pharmaceutical field, food-making field and many other fields. Now let’s see the fields and applications of a rotary evaporator:

rotary evaporator

1.Industrial field

Rotary evaporators are quite popular in industrial field, because the evaporation function of rotary evaporators can be used in the processing of many products. For example, people can use a rotary evaporator to extract or separate cbd out of the mixture of cbd and ethanol solvent. What’s more, getting any other heat sensitive substances evaporated out of sample materials is also the function of a rotary evaporator.

2. Chemical field

Generally, separating a kind of substance out of the sample materials happens a lot at chemical labs all over the world. Therefore, a rotary evaporator is a good tool to get substances separated. In chemical experiments, the separation and recombination always happen, which is an essential part of scientists’ and experts’ working. At this time, a rotary evaporator can be a good choice to get the target substances extracted out of the sample materials.

rotary evaporator

3. At home

With the development of market, nowadays the rotary evaporators can not only used in industrial field, chemical field or any other manufacture fields, but also in people’s daily life. More and more people started to use the rotary evaporators to process their own food. They can easily use the rotary evaporators to concentrate their fruit drinkings and food, in order to get a more tasty one.

4. Food-making field

Similar to the usage in people’s daily life, a rotary evaporator can also be used in food-making field. Many food and drinkings can be processed by a rotary evaporator, including their concentration, separation, extraction and some other operation.

5. Biology field

Scientists need a rotary evaporator to help them separate the different kinds of substances, so that they can achieve their experiments destinations.

rotary evaporator

Is Rotary Evaporator Distillation?

We always view evaporation and distillation as two individual different things, but actually rotary evaporator is also distillation. Evaporation and distillation are quite similar, which are both to get substances out of sample materials through the boiling points differences between the target substances and the other substances within the same materials.

Short-Path Distillation VS. Simple Distillation

Distillation is widely used in the industrial field to extract or purify substances. There are several ways of distillation and the most essential one is simple distillation. Simple distillation is one single-stage distillation technique that directly condenses the boiled solvents into liquid-phase. Short-path distillation is one of the most classic simple distillations. In the short-path distillation, sample can get heated and evaporated in the specialized evaporation flask. Then gas-phase extracted solvents will be transferred along the short distance and be condensed into liquid-phase during this distance. Finally, the liquid-phase extracted solvents will go into receiving flask and be collected there. It is convenient for users to take the extracted solvents away from receiving flask. Short-path distillation is very convenient and high-efficiency for users to extract or purify substances.

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