How many distillation equipment you can use to make distillate

  Distillation equipment is a method that works under a extremely high vacuum environment. A complete set of distillation equipment mainly consists of feeding system, distiller, heating system, condensing system, vacuum system, controlling system and so on. There are several kinds of distillation equipment, for example, rotary evaporator, short path distillation, falling film evaporator, molecular distillation, wiped film evaporator and so on. Next, we will give a detailed explanation about these devices.

  Rotary evaporator is widely used in chemical labs, which consists of rotor, evaporation flask, water oil bath, condensing tubes and other important parts. It is mainly used in the consecutive chemical reactions under reduced pressure. And it is very popular in chemical, industrial, biologic medicine and other fields.

  Short path distillation is a separation method that works under extremely high vacuum environment. It is suitable for heat sensitive, viscous and high boiling point materials, such as petroleum heavy residues, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and natural foods, health products, fatty acids and so on.

  Molecular distillation is a complicated and special liquid-liquid separation method, which is more efficient than traditional separation method. Short path distillation is a type of molecular distillation. The working theory of molecular distillation is to separate substances through molecular free path.

  Falling film evaporator is widely used in medical, food-making, biochemical, light industry and other fields. What’s more, falling film evaporator can also handle with the waste water of above fields.

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