What are the molecular distillation apparatus

As we all know, molecular distillation is an effective but complicated liquid-liquid separation method. There are several parts working together to separate substances from mixture, so let’s see what the parts are. The molecular distillation equipment mainly consists of an evaporation system, a material input and output system, a heating system, a condensing system, a vacuum system, a control system and so on.

  1. Evaporation system: which is to get sample materials evaporated, in order to separate substances from mixtures through their different boiling points.

  2. Material input and output system: which is to put materials into the molecular distillation equipment and let end products and other residue materials out of the molecular distillation after the reactions.

  3. Heating system: which is to heat the sample materials and get them evaporated, in order to separate the substances. The temperature that heating system provides is much lower than the substances’ boiling points because of the high pressure.

  4. Condensing system: which is to condense the gas-phase end products into liquid-phase, in order to make end products easily to be collected.

  5. Vacuum system: which is to offer a vacuum environment to the whole molecular distillation equipment.

  6. Control system: which is to control the whole molecular distillation equipment correctly, in order to make the equipment work well and fluently.

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