What are falling film evaporator parts

  In falling film evaporator equipment, there are so many parts working together and each part plays an important role, including product inlet, steam inlet, main material column, steam condensate outlet , concentrate outlet, vapor ducts, vapor outlet, separator, concentrate outlet.

falling film evaporator parts diagram
falling film evaporator parts diagram

  1. product inlet: where users put materials into falling film evaporator through;

  2. steam inlet: where the heating steam comes into falling film evaporator through;

  3. main material column: where the materials get heated and some substances get evaporated;

  4. steam condensate outlet: where condensation steam comes into the falling film evaporator;

  5. concentrate outlet: where users get the concentrated substances from falling film evaporator through;

  6. vapor ducts: where vapor comes from one container to another through;

  7. vapor outlet: where vapor comes to outside container through;

  8. separator: where separates different substances within the same mixture;

  9. concentrate outlet: where users get the concentrated substances through.

  All above are the falling film evaporator parts, each and every one of them is essential. So users should know all the parts and their functions, so that you can make full use of falling film evaporator. And in this way, users can also keep them safe.

What is the principle of evaporator

  An evaporator consists of two parts: heating chamber and evaporation chamber. When users put liquid materials into evaporator, first of all, the materials will take in heat energy from heating chamber and then be turned into gas. Secondly, the function of evaporation chamber is to separate the gas-phase materials and liquid-phase materials. All in all, the working principle of an evaporator is to get liquid-phase materials evaporated by seething the temperature at different materials’ boiling points. So evaporator is suitable for some heat sensitive materials.

What is the function of an evaporator

  An evaporator is a device that is to get substances evaporated through heating them at their boiling points. An evaporator plays a very important role in cooling equipment.

How many types evaporator

  There are several types of evaporator. For example, evaporator has two main types in all: circulation evaporator and single-pass evaporator. There are several branches in circulation evaporator: central circulation tube evaporator, suspended-basket evaporator, forced circulation evaporator. There are also several branches in single-pass evaporator: falling film evaporator, wiped film evaporator, thin film evaporator. Besides, rotary evaporator is also a very popular and high-efficiency evaporator.

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