Difference between simple and short-path distillation

  Nowadays, short-path distillation is very widely used in several kinds of fields, for example, chemical, industrial, food-making, textile and other fields. And besides, there is still one other distillation method, which is simple distillation.

  What is the difference between simple and short-path distillation? Short-path distillation can effectively solve many problems that simple distillation technology can't solve, and improve the shortcomings left by simple distillation technology. Now let’s go see their differences together:

  1. Short-path distillation technology has improved the requirements of simple distillation environments. Since short-path distillation reaches a certain temperature difference, it can be separated at a plurality of temperatures. Simple distillation requires strict requirements and can only be carried out after controlling the boiling point of the material.

  2. Simple distillation bubbling and boiling are common, and it can cause spillage or harm to the health of workers. Short-path distillation can freely evaporate on the surface of the liquid membrane, and the pressure required for operation is small. Without these problems, short-path distillation can be easily performed.

  3. The types of materials used in short-path distillation technology are increasing, which is different from simple distillation. Simple distillation is only suitable for certain materials.

  4. The distillation time required is different, the short-path distillation heat is short, and in the actual application operation process, the cost is further saved, and the purification process is also high.

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