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There are several kinds of machine that are used to distill substances from mixtures, including short path distillation, rotary evaporator, falling film evaporator, wiped film evaporator and other distillate machine. Among these distillate machine, their basic working principle are similar, but there are still some principle details difference.

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short path distillation explained

How much vacuum do you need for distillation?

Our vacuum pump can reach 2Pa pressure under when equipment ‘s not working.

How to set up short path distillation?

The heating temperature of heating equipment: indoor temperature-350 ℃

The temperature of chiller: -10-80 ℃

short path distillation kit

short path distillation setup,short path distillation turnkey system

Short path distillation used on making cbd

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  Distilling cannabis oil

  The CBD extraction is made by distillation (by separation of the components or substances of the liquid mixture by separation of selective evaporation and condensation). Vaporable liquid with alcoholic herbaceous plants (leaves and flowers), a mixture of all the cannabinoids dissolved. Then evaporate the solution and mix with a hemp seed oil at a certain ratio.

  Homemade short path distillation

  Technically, people manufacture short path distillation in professional factory and make it with high-quality glass and other materials. Nowadays, people could make short path distillation at home by themselves. With the basic theory of short path distillation, people could use some simple materials to make a short path distillation. The most popular materials people like are metal tubes and containers. Connecting these materials together could work like a real short path distillation.

  vacuum pump for short path distillation

  Nowadays, the usage of vacuum pump becomes wider and wider in so many fields, for example, petroleum, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and so on. In short path distillation equipment, there are several important parts working together. And vacuum pump is one of them. In the working process of short path distillation, vacuum pump is to remove the gas within equipment, in order to provide a vacuum environment.

  distillation apparatus parts

  There are several kinds of distillation equipment used nowadays. Even though these kinds of distillation equipment are used for different situations, their distillation apparatus parts are very similar, including evaporation flask, receiving flask, condensing part and other parts. These three parts play a very essential role in distillate process, each of them is indispensable.

  fractional distillation of ethanol

  Fractional distillation of ethanol is to separate or extract substances from mixtures by using ethanol as the washing liquid, because the solubleness of ethanol is suitable to be a washing liquid. This method is widely used in chemical experiment, chemical purification, chemical pharmaceutical, Chinese traditional medicine and so on. Ethanol is always used to be the washing liquid because of its solubleness.

  cbd boiling point

  As we all know, the boiling points of substances can be influenced by temperature, pressure and any other factors. cbd is widely used and processed by people in chemical field, industrial field, and any other fields. The boiling point of cbd is 463.9℃at760mmHg, while the boiling point of cbd is 200℃ under pressure 2.66Pa.

  Short path distillation principle

  Short-path distillation equipment is a new separation technology operating under high vacuum conditions. This kit has the advantages of low distillation temperature, short heating time and high separation efficiency. It is especially suitable for the separation of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy oxide system.The principle of short path distillation is to extract substances through getting mixtures evaporated and then condensing them. What’s more, short path distillation is also used on concentrating liquid through evaporation process.

  Application of short path distillation

  Short path distillation is mainly used in the separation and extraction of unstable heat-sensitive chemistry. It is widely used in industrial field, chemical field, cooking field,essential oil field, hemp-processing field, pharmaceutical field, regeneration of waste oil field and so on. With the development of society, all these fields will use short path distillation more and more.

  Short path distillation CBD oil

  As the quick developing of society, government now has been setting more space for hemp and it’s related fields. Therefore, cbd oil is becoming more and more popular, which is one of the most popular hemp-related field in society. Short path distillation has a very high efficiency on distilling cbd from hemp, in order to make cbd oil next step.

  Using short path distillation to distill cbd from hemp, not only guarantees the purity of extracted cbd, but also saves a lot energy, including heat resource and hemp material.

  short path distillation equipment for cbd oil

  Short path distillation is an effective device for making cbd oil. When you make cbd oil by short path distillation, the first step is to check if the short path distillation is ready for operating. Then put hemp into feeding flask. Under the action of knifing, the hemp is spread evenly and cbd gets evaporated into gas phase. The materials that haven’t been evaporated will be collected in the recombination flask.


distillate vs shatter

  Distillate and shatter are both the method that separate substances, but there are some differences between them. Distillate is to extract one kind of substance from mixture, while shatter is to split up one substance into two or more parts without extracting any of components. After distillate, there is one substance out of the mixture, but after shatter, there are still the same components in the mixture.

extraction vs distillation

  Extraction is to extract one certain substance from mixture through technology, while distillation is to distill one or more substances from mixture. They are pretty similar, but there are still some difference. Extraction is more precise, and distillation is more simple to separate substances.

short path distillation vs wiped film

  Short path distillation is to make distillate through molecular free path, and then set a condensing area to separate evaporated substances out of the air. Compared with short path distillation, wiped film evaporator divides the sample material into a thin film evenly, in order to accelerate the evaporation speed and improve the heating efficiency. These two distillation methods are both to make distillate but have different working theory.

What does distillation separate

  Distillation is to separate liquid and liquid, liquid and solid depending on their different boiling points. The substances with lower boiling points will be evaporated and so separated with the other substances in the mixture. Then condensing the evaporated substances from gas-phase into liquid-phase for users to get. So the substances that distillation separates can be liquid and liquid, also liquid and solid.

difference between evaporation and distillation

  Evaporation and distillation are very similar, which are to separate different substances within one mixture liquid. But there is still one essential difference between evaporation and distillation. Evaporation is to separate solid substances out of the mixture. For example, separate salt from sodium chloride solution. And distillation is to separate different liquid substances with different boiling points. For example water and ethanol.

difference between short path distillation and molecular distillation

  As we all know, short path distillation and molecular distillation are quite similar in many ways, but there are still some differences between them. Molecular distillation is more complicated than short path distillation. Short path distillation can process more kinds of materials than molecular distillation can. What’s more, molecular distillation has to work under specific pressure.


how to solve leaks problem on short path distillation

  When we use short path distillation, we can find that there are some leaks problems. The leaks problems happen maybe because of the bad leakproofness of equipment or the insufficient vacuum. So if users want to solve leaks problems, they need to check that the equipment seal and the vacuum. Leaks problems may lead to some questions, for example, waste of materials, safety of experiment.

what can you do with short path distillation

  Short path distillation is used in so many fields, for example, chemical, industrial, food-processing, waste water and other fields. People have processed so many kinds of materials by using short path distillation. In chemical labs, scientists use short path distillation to extract several substances. Even in our daily life, people use short path distillation to concentrate juices.

difference between short path distillation and molecular distillation

  As we all know, short path distillation and molecular distillation are quite similar in many ways, but there are still some differences between them. Molecular distillation is more complicated than short path distillation. Short path distillation can process more kinds of materials than molecular distillation can. What’s more, molecular distillation has to work under specific pressure.

Advantages and disadvantages of distillation

  Distillation is used very widely for years in chemical, industrial, textile and other fields. There are advantages and also disadvantages of distillation. For advantages, distillation is an effective method to concentrate or extract substances from all kinds of mixtures. What’s more, there are several distillation types especially for different substances. For disadvantages, some of distillation methods could waste material resource and power resource.


short path distillation equipment price

ItemModelCapacityUnit Price
2L Short PathSD-22L$1070
5LShort PathSD-55L$1590
10LShort PathSD-1010L$2350
20L Short PathSD-2020L$2550

turnkey short path distillation kit price

ItemModelCapacityUnit Price
2L Short PathSD-22L$1070
Vacuum pump2XZ-1Ln/a$280
5LShort PathSD-55L$1590
Vacuum pump2XZ-2Ln/a$320
10LShort PathSD-1010L$2350
Vacuum pump2XZ-4Ln/a$370
20L Short PathSD-2020L$2550
Vacuum pump2XZ-4L*2Pcsn/a$700
Distillation kit

Distillation kit generally consists of three parts, which include reaction part, condensing part, receiving part. Reaction part is where mixtures get to be heated and distilled. Condensing part is where the gas-phase distilled substances get to be condensed into liquid-phase substances. Receiving part is where the liquid-phase distilled substances get collected, which users can take the distilled substances easily.

reaction part

reaction part

condensing part

condensing part

receiving part

receiving part

Distillation is a thermodynamic separation process that utilizes different

boiling points of the components in the mixed liquid or liquid-solid system to


  Short path distillation is a distillation method working under pressure

1-0.001mbar. It has a very low boiling point, which makes it suitable for.....

Rotary evaporator and short path distillation are both used to concentrate or extract substances from mixtures.....

Nowadays, short-path distillation is very widely used in several kinds of fields, for example, chemical, industrial, food-making,

The material is added from the top of the evaporator and distributed continuously and evenly on the heating surface through the material liquid distributor on the rotor.....

Short path distillation is a high-efficiency distillation equipment, which is widely used in the concentration,.....


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