Rotary Evaporator

Rotovap extracts ethanol

Using ethanol to separate vegetable cbd oil and recover alcohol.

ethanol vacuum boiling point

  The boiling point of substances can be different in different pressure environment, therefore, the boiling point of ethanol are different between under atmosphere pressure and vacuum environment. The lower the pressure is, the lower the boiling point will be. So the boiling point of ethanol under atmosphere pressure is 173.1 F (78.37 C), while the boiling point of ethanol under vacuum environment is about 34 C.

Rotary evaporator applications cbd

  The studies have shown that cannabisdiol (cbd) has a important medicinal value and good pharmacological function in the fields of epilepsy treatment, neuroprotection, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, tumor treatment and so on . Besides being used in medical field, cbd is also widely used in other fields, for example, textile, cooking, leather, essential oils, construction and so on. So how to extract cbd efficiently is very important. Extracting cbd by rotary evaporator extraction method is very popular in rotary evaporator laboratory, because rotary evaporator has a very high efficiency on extracting or concentrate substances. The rotary evaporator parts will work together to reach a high efficiency to extract cbd. So how to use rotary evaporator extract cbd from hemp correctly is very essential.

Rotary evaporator extraction

  then let’s go through the operating procedure together:

  1.Open the condensing part of rotary evaporator

  2.Open water bath and adjust the heating temperature up to the boiling point of cbd

  3.Open the vacuum pump and make circulating water within vacuum pump flow

  4.Closing the button of gas outlet

  5.Install the evaporation flask and adjust the height of water bath. After that, evaporation flask will rotate in a consistent continuous speed. The hemp within evaporation flask will be heated and cbd substance will get evaporated. Then the gas-phase cbd will be transferred into condensing part to be condensed into liquid. Finally, the liquid-phase cbd will go to collecting flask and be collected in there for users convenient to get.

  6.When you finish the evaporating operation, close the evaporating button, open the button of gas outlet, make the water bath down and remove evaporation flask.

  7.Last but not least, you need to turn off water bath power, condensing part and vacuum pump.

  The whole operating process happens under vacuum. If you have rotary evaporator questions during the process, you can look up in the rotary evaporator manual.

what is the purpose of the rotation in a rotary evaporator

  As we can see, the evaporation flask keeps rotating at a constant speed during the working process. Many people wonder what is the purpose of the rotation. Actually, the evaporation flask keeps rotating, in order to accelerate the evaporation speed by enlarging the evaporation area. So the purpose of the rotation in a rotary evaporator is to increase the evaporation speed.

application of rotary evaporator in microbiology

  Rotary evaporator is widely used in many fields. In addition to industrial and chemical fields, rotary evaporator is also used in the field of microbiology. Rotary evaporator can provide efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation, which is its main working theory. Therefore, making full use of rotary evaporator can bring you a lot benefits.

does temperature affect vacuum pressure rotary evaporator

  Temperature is one key factor that affects the working efficiency of vacuum pressure rotary evaporator. If the temperature of the bath or the pressure is decreased, the evaporating solvent could exceed the condensation capacity and bumping, which might explode. Whats more, it also can cause overload. So setting and controlling the temperature at a proper level is crucial.

what is the purpose of using a rotary evaporator during an organic synthesis

  Rotary evaporator is widely used to separate and concentrate substances from mixtures, especially heat-sensitive substances. So rotary evaporator is very effective on separating substances from an organic synthesis. Because of high efficiency, rotary evaporator is quite popular to be used as the tool during an organic synthesis.


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