2L-I Short Path Distillation




Product Description

Basic constitution:

the column cylinder equipped with outside heating mantle, rotor and inside condenser. The fixing frame of rotor is precisely equipped with scratch film and anti-splash device. The inside condenser is placed in the center of evaporator, and the rotor should rotor between column cylinder and condenser.

Distillation process:

The material should add from the top of evaporator and continuously spread to the heating surface through the material covered on rotor. Then, the scratch film is capable of scratching the material into a thin and flowing liquid film. During this process, the light molecular exceeded the heating surface form the condense liquid on inside condenser without any collision. Then, the molecular flows along the condenser tube, and discharge through the discharge tube on the bottom of evaporator. The residue liquid (heavy molecule)is collected on the circular channel under the heating zone, and flows through the discharge tube on one side.

2l short path distillation kit
2l short path distillation kit

Short Path Distillation Parts

Vacuum Valve
Vacuum Valve

Vacuum vale can be equipped on the Micro vertical spine distiller,used for vacuum pumping.


Micro vertical spine distiller, vertical spine structure, used for fractionation function;Vacuum sandwich is used to weaken the influence of wind and greenhouse to maintain the appropriate temperature gradient in the column

Glass parts
Glass parts

Glass parts are connected by frosted mouth,easy to operate and good sealing,plastic clip is fixed and avoid loose interface.

Product Details
Product Details

Adopt two ports reaction bottle,with a special feeding port,convenient for feeding.

Product Parameters

Short-Path Distillation
Model SD-2 SD-5 SD-10 SD-20
Material G3.3
Heating Capacity(ml) 2000 5000 10000 20000
Heating temperature(℃) Room temperature -250
Accuracy(℃) ±1
Vaccuum Degree(Mpa) 0.098
Working temperature(℃) 5-40
Voltage 220V/50Hzor110V/60Hz 380V/50Hz
Package Size 450*450*600 580*580*735 850*850*600
Weight 18 24 30


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