20L Short Path Distillation Apparatus


  20L Short Path Distillation Apparatus

Short-path distillation is a short-path distillation technique.It is a method of separating mixtures based on differences in boiling points in liquid mixtures under negative pressure.When the sample mixture to be purified is heated, the vapor volatilization rises into the vertical condenser and is then cooled by the refrigerant.This technique is mainly used for unstable compounds at high temperature and compounds with high boiling point that are difficult to distill.

  How to use a short path distillation kit

  1. Install the sample injector(tighten it clockwise), the first, second, and third stage receiving flasks, and switch on the cooling water circulation button.
  2. Start the rotor of the film scraper, and adjust it to the designated rotating speed(no more than 400r/min).
  3. Start the vacuum pump after the liquid nitrogen reaches the required level(no less than the half of the condensation column volume).
  4. Adjust the fine tuning valve of the vacuum pump(no lower than 0.5mbar) when the pressure no longer drops.
  5. Rotate the sample injector counterclockwise to adjust the injection speed after the pressure is proper.
  6. The liquid can be added at any time through the sample injector during the operation.
  7. Stop the vacuum pump and adjust back the fine tuning valve when the liquid volume in the injector is about 50ml and no other sample adds. Leave the device in the standby mode when the pressure is 100mbar. After the pressure is relieved, switch off the heater, take off the sample injector, pour out the remaining liquid and change to anhydrous ethanol.
  8. Replace the first and second receiving flask with empty ones, turn on the sample injector and slowly inject anhydrous ethanol. Clean the device by utilizing the remaining heat.
  9. Shut off the cooling water and the rotor after cleaning. The sample injector and the receiving flask should be taken off and cleaned separately.
  10. Turn off the power and clean the work surface.
20L Short Path Distillation Apparatus
20L Short Path Distillation Apparatus

  Main Characteristics

1. High quality 3.3 borosilicate glass, PTFE screw thermometer connector.

2. Short condensation distance, less residue after distillation .

3. Heating mantle with magnetic stirring function.

4. Cold trap protects the vacuum system from steam pollution and damage .

5. Turnkey solution is provided which includes the glassware , magnetic stirring heating mantel ,cold trap ,chiller and other accessories.

  20L-I Short path distillation part

Accessories Name Specification Number Unit
1 2-neck Round Bottom Flask 10L,34/45*2,24/40 1 piece
2 Distiller 34/45,24/40,14/20 2 piece
3 Fractionating device 500ml,24/40 2 piece
4 eggplant shaped flask 2000ml,24/40 2 piece
5 cold trap 80*350mm,24/40 1 piece
6 cold trap cover 70mm 1 piece
7 Receiving Flask 2000ml,24/40 1 piece
8 Temperature casing pipe 14/20 2 piece
9 Temperature casing pipe 24/40 1 piece
10 Hollow plug 14/20 2 piece
11 Hollow plug 24/40 1 piece
12 funnel 110mm,24/40 1 piece
13 Mercury thermometer 0-360°C 2 piece
14 GL14 Cover 8 piece
15 mouth clip for Stainless steel bottle 34# 2 piece
16 mouth clip for Stainless steel bottle 24# 4 piece
17 mouth clip for plastic bottle 24# 1 piece
18 silicone tube 8*14 3 meter
19 Wood pallet 140 3 piece
20 Lifting platform (stainless steel) 200*200 2 piece
21 iron stand 140*200 1 piece
22 Cross clip 0-20mm 2 piece
23 Three claw clip large 3 piece
24 Experimental chain clip 1 piece
25 Three links (plastic) 8mm 1 piece
26 vacuum fat (50g) 7501 1 box
Total 49
27 magnetic stirrer heating mantle ZNCL-T 1 set
Accessories main engine 1
Vertical rod 2 set
Cross clip 2 piece
External sensor 500mm 1 piece
internal sensor 1 piece
Tetrafluoro rotors 1 piece
28 rotary vane vacuum pump 2XZ-4 1
29 Temperature Control Low-Temperature Coolant Circulation Pump DLSB-10/25 1

Product Parameters

Short-Path Distillation
Model SD-2 SD-5 SD-10 SD-20
Material G3.3
Heating Capacity(ml) 2000 5000 10000 20000
Heating temperature(℃) Room temperature -250
Accuracy(℃) ±1
Vaccuum Degree(Mpa) 0.098
Working temperature(℃) 5-40
Voltage 220V/50Hzor110V/60Hz 380V/50Hz
Package Size 450*450*600 580*580*735 850*850*600
Weight 18 24 30


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