rotary evaporator apparatus


Rotary evaporator diagram

rotary evaporator diagram

rotary evaporator explained

  Rotary evaporator adopts stepless speed function to make rotary flask rotates in constant speed, the material formed a large area of thin film, then the constant temperature water bath begin to uniform heat the rotary flask and the material is evaporated in high speed under vacuum condition, the solvent steam is refrigerated by efficient glass condenser and received to receiving flask.

  Rotary evaporator is also known as rotovap or rotavap, it is a common used lab instrument in chemical laboratory, mainly used for the continuous distillation of large amount easily volatilized solvents under negative pressure. Especially for the concentration of extract liquor and distillation of receive liquid when chromatograph. Because evaporator is vacuumized, to be distilled solvent’s boiling point depressed. In general, ingredient which is distilled form sample is the target ingredient in chemical research, such as extracting some natural ingredient from organic synthesis sample. Rotary evaporator mostly is used for isolating low-boiling ingredient, such as hexane, ethyl acetate, that presenting liquid state under room temperature and normal pressure. Besides, it can dislodge some ingredient in sample by standard operation.

Rotary Flask  10L φ95mm (Flange mouth)  20L φ125mm (Flange mouth)  30L φ125mm (Flange mouth)  50L φ125mm (Flange mouth)
Receiving Flask5L*2Pcs10L*2Pcs20L*2Pcs20L*2Pcs
Rotary Speed20~120r/min20~120r/min20~900r/min20~900r/min
Rotary Motor250W
Condenser2Pcs*Main Condenser+Assistant Condenser
Heating BathStainless Steel Water/oil Bath
Temp.RangeWater:RT~99℃  Oil:RT~200℃,±0.1℃
Attainable Vacuum≤0.1Mpa(1Bar,750Torr)
Evaporative PowerH2O≥3.2L/h, Alcohol≥6.5L/hH2O≥5L/h,  Alcohol≥11L/hH2O≥7L/h, Alcohol≥15.3L/hH2O≥9L/h, Alcohol≥19L/h
Lift TypeElectric Lift
Lifting Stroke0~200mm0~200mm0~200mm0~200mm
Bath Power3KW3KW6KW6KW

Parts Diagram

water bath


condenser tube



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