molecular distillation system

Product Details:

1.The main part of the molecular distillation system is made of high borosilicate glass 3.3, and the whole operation process can be well observed.

2.All parts are connected with flanges and sealed with teflon + fluoroprene double sealing ring, which can achieve high vacuum degree.

3. Light component receiving bottle and heavy component receiving bottle can be added with unloading valve to realize continuous discharging.

4.The standard configuration can achieve the vacuum of 0.05mbar, and the vacuum of 0.001mbar can be achieved by adding the secondary diffusion pump.


product description

  Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology. It is different from traditional distillation which relies on the principle of boiling point difference to separate. It is a process of distillation and purification of heat-sensitive substances or substances with high boiling points by using the difference of free path of molecular movement of different substances in a high vacuum degree.Mainly used in chemistry, medicine, petrochemical, spices, oil and other industrial fields.

  The reaction process of molecular distillation refers to that in a device designed for high vacuum, molecules can escape from the hydro thermal solution, and directly reach the built-in condensation surface before colliding with other molecules, so as to achieve liquefaction and separation the material is transported to main mantle evaporator from feeding bottles.

  The material is transferred from the feeding bottle to the main clamp evaporator. The clamp evaporator has continuous heating, and the material liquid is scraped into a very thin and turbulent liquid film by the film scraper, which is pushed downward in a spiral shape.

  In the center of the fuselage is a built-in condenser, very close to the heating surface, for the vapor molecules to move from the heating surface (the pressure difference between the boiling film and the condensing surface is the driving force of the steam flow direction, for a small pressure drop will cause the steam flow.)A short distance to the condensing surface is provided.In the descending process, the light molecules (low boiling point) escaping from the heating surface, after a very short route and almost without collision, condensed on the built-in condenser and become liquid to flow down the condenser tube and into the receiving bottle of the light components .Residual liquid, that is, heavy molecules (such as chlorophyll, salt, sugar, wax) will not evaporate, but flow into the heavy receiver bottle along the main evaporator.

  Molecular distillation is considered to be the safest separation method .It can purify Molecules with poor thermal stability and compounds with low volatility and high boiling point.

  In high vacuum environment, molecular distillation is characterized by low distillation temperature, short heating time of materials and rapid separation.The reaction is suitable for the purification of heat sensitive, high boiling point, oxidation and high molecular weight materials.

Extraction cycle

  The procedures about molecular distillation extracts cannabidiol from medical hemp are as follows:

  Step one:select medical hemp extractum to be used;

  Step two:put extractum into feeding tank to be heated. Put liquid-phase extractum into molecular distillation by feeding pump after solid extractum is turned into liquid-phase. Distilling extractum liquid with molecular distillation. Vacuuming the molecular distillation with a vacuum pump, and control the stirring speed. Put the cooling or heating medium into the condenser in the molecular distillation at the same time.

  Step three:collect cannabidiol in the collection tank 2,collect extractum residue in the collection tank 2, and pass the heat medium into the jacket of collection tank 1 and collection tank 2 at the same time which should also be heated to keep the temperature.

  Step four:heat the cold medium in cold trap. A small amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and solvent are obtained in the collection tank 3.

  Step five:put extractum into feeding tank when the extractum almost runs out, and end the working process until the extractum runs out.


  1. Distillation temperature is low.Molecular distillation is far below the boiling point of the operation temperature , as long as there is a temperature difference can achieve the purpose of separation, this is the essential difference between molecular distillation and conventional distillation.

  2. Distillation vacuum is high.the inside of Molecular distillation device can obtain a high vacuum, usually the operation of molecular distillation is in a very low pressure . so the material is not easy to damage by oxidation.

  3. The film of the distillation liquid is thin and the heat transfer efficiency is high.

  4. The heating time of the material is short,the space between heating liquid surface and the condensing surface is less than the mean free path of the light molecules,The light molecules escaping from the liquid surface reach the condensation surface almost without collision.Therefore, the distillation material heating time is short, The residence time at the distillation temperature is usually between a few seconds and a few tens of seconds reducing the opportunity of thermal decomposition of materials.

typeEffective evaporation area(㎡)Condenser area(㎡)Inner diameter of barrel(mm)Volume of constant pressure feeding funnel(L)Processing flow(KG/H)Motor power(W)Max speed

What is Short Path (Molecular) Distillation?

  Short Path (Molecular) Distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from the traditional distillation by boiling point difference separation principle, but by different substances molecular movement of the average free path difference to achieve separation.

Process of the Short Path (Molecular) Distillation

  The process of Short Path (Molecular) Distillation when carried out in an apparatus designed for high vacuum in order to allow the molecules escape from the warm liquid into a cooler surface inside a condenser before coming in contact other molecules and finally settle down into the liquid is known as molecular distillation. This method is applied to purify heat sensitive, high boiling point, and high molecular weight materials.

Turnkey Package

Main distiller

Main distiller

  1.Jacketed Glass Barrel with Internal Cooling Condenser

  Diameter:60mm/80mm/100mm/150mm/200mm/230mm EffectiveEvaporationArea:0.06-0.50m2

  Processing Rate: 100-25000gram/hour

  2.External condenser (Optional)

  3.Jacketed F eeding V essel with Lid

  4.Distillate Receiving Flask (Optional:Continuous collection module) Residue Receiving Flask (Optional:Continuous collection module) Dry ice cold trap (Optional: Cooling coils cold trap)

  5.Magnetic drive rotation with motor

  6.Stainless steel wiper with PTFE blade

Control system

  1.Digital High Vacuum Gauge (0.01pa-1atm), Pirani Type VFD Speed Controller for Rotation Motor

  2.Two Temperature Controllers for Heating Tapes

  3.Two switches for Diffusion pump (Optional)

  4.Main Power switch

  5.Electricity: 220V

Heating Circulator

Heating Circulator

  Heating Circulator for jacketed glass barrel

  Temperature Range: RT-300℃

  Electricity: 220V



  Heating/cooling Circulator for internal condenser

  Temperature Range: RT-100℃

  Electricity: 220V



  Cooling circulator for external condenser

  Bath volume: 10L

  Lowest temp: -32℃

  Pump rate: 20L/min


Vacuum system

Vacuum system

  2XZ-6 Vacuum pump

  Pumping speed: 6L/S(21.6m³/h)


  Electricity: 380V

Technical indicators

Technical indicators

  Working temperature:10-35℃

  Working humidity:85%

  Power indicator:220V,400W

  Fan indicator:220,25W

  Upper doameter:KF80

  Doam,eter of lower mouth:KF25

  Pumping speed:200L/S

  Limit pressure:10-4Pa

  Maximum dscharge pressure:25Pa

  capacity 30m

Features of Molecular distillation

  1,Evaporation efficiency is very high, can reduce retention time, with minimal time delay.

  2,Molecular distillation system is composed of high borosilicate glass 3.3, 316L stainless steel and PTFE, so it has excellent anti-corrosion ability.

  3. The main part of the molecular distillation system is made of high borosilicate glass 3.3, and the whole operation process can be well observed.

  4.The high precision distillation cylinder body enables the liquid to form a complete integrated film on the heating surface.The inner wall of the barrel body is smooth and bright, not easy to stick to the material and scaling.

  5.imported brand variable frequency speed reduction motor,safe and reliable in operation;equipped with self-cooling fan,it can continuous working for a long time.

  6.the magnetic drive system makes it possible to seal the whole machine.the transfer bar of the drive motor does not need to pass through the main distiller.the whole set of the distillation system possess good sealability.The min vacuum pressure can reach 0.001mba.

  7.the max temperature of the equipment can up to 250℃/300℃ ,accurate temperature control can achieved.

  8.maximum the theroretical vacuum degree can up to 0.05 mbar or 0.001mbar.(secondary diffusion pump is needed)

  9.You can free choose of scraper film forming system and self-cleaning roller system.

  ①Clamp feeding tank

  ②Magnetic coupling driving agitation

  ③clamp evaporator(containing condenser)

  ④dry ice cold trap

  ⑤high temperature thermostats(equipped with clamp evaporator)

  ⑥heating and cooling circulator(equipped with in-built condenser)

  ⑦control system(display vacuum degree and rotor speed and control rotor speed)

  ⑧Light component receiving bottle(high boiling point)

  ⑨high component receiving bottle(low boiling point)


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