laboratory falling film evaporator

What is a falling film evaporator used for?

Falling film evaporator is widely used in many fields, including industrial factory, chemical engineering, petroleum and other fields. Falling film evaporator has a high efficiency on the separation of substances, so it is used on milk, glucose, starch, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste liquid recovery and so on.

How does a falling film evaporator work?

In falling film evaporator equipment, sample materials will be added from the top of falling film evaporator. Then the materials will be divided into thin films, in order to get heated and evaporated more easily. The heating temperature will be set on the boiling point of substance’s boiling point, which is about to get evaporated. After evaporating the substance, the mixture and substance will be separated.





Tube condenser
Tube condenser
Ethanol recovery tank
Ethanol recovery tank
Separation recovery tank
Separation recovery tank
Control box
Control box

Working Process:

  The first step is to remove the gas from the equipment to create a vacuum environment, replacing the material with water after the vacuum is sufficient. When the water flow runs smoothly (the water in the evaporator increases with the increase of walking, the material in the surface evaporation chamber is not higher than the sight glass), the circulation pump is turned on, the cooling water is input through the pipeline, the heating pipe is started, and the discharge pump is started. After the device is running well, adjust the throttling components at each location according to the random process flow diagram of the device.

  Then replace the material with water to run. Whn the vacuum and tem perature difference meetthe requirements, the material is replaced with water for more than 4 hours. If the evaporation amount meets the requirements, it is qualified; otherwise, it is unqualified.

  Start the vacuum pump first. In the case of a water ring vacuum pump, the water ring vacuum pump should be started at no load. After the water ring vacuum pump is in normal operation, the working water valve of the water ring pump is opened. When the vacuum and temperature difference for each effect reaches the required level, water should be used instead of the material to start the operation and start the condensate. After cutting off the water, place the material in the material tank. The sampling valve is initially opened, water is drained, and material s that do not meet the concentration requirements are placed in the tank. When the discharge concentration requirement is reached, open the discharge valve and close the sampling valve on the m aterial tank to make the equipment operate normally.

  During the operation of the pump and before starting, it should be observed that the cooling water of the mechanical seal of the pump must not be interrupted to avoid damaging the mechanical seal of the pump. When it is time to stop working, use water instead of material to replace the material in the equipment and its piping to prevent the material from crystallizing or solidifying in the equipment and its piping.

  When the ambient temperature of the equipment is below 0 °C, the water in the equipment and its piping should be drained to avoid freezing or clogging the pipeline.

  When stopping due to an accident such as a sudden power failure, immediately close the valve, release the material stored in the equipment and its piping as soon as possible, or dilute the heated water until it does not crystallize or solidify. When there is material in the equipment and its piping, the material pump should be started first, so that the material runs smoothly when the vehicle is started, and then the vacuum pump is started.


parameters  of falling film evaporator
Evaporation capacity20kg/h50kg/h100kg/h150kg/h200kg/h
Electrical heating power15kw38kw
Water ring vacuum pump1.5kw2.2kw
Extreme vacuum-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa
Boundary dimension(mm)1800x900x22001900x1200x25002000x1200x30002200x1300x35002500x1500x4000


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