Ethanol extraction equipment for cbd

Ethanol extraction equipment can be used to extract and filter centrifuges for cannabis and other plants. The series of centrifuges extract the active ingredients in plants through a built-in program, which is single-handed, easy to use and large in capacity.

The machine adopts a closed structure, and the seal is made of PTFE; the explosion-proof motor, frequency changer, PLC, touch screen and other devices can be used to achieve the sealed explosion-proof requirements.


Why is ethanol used as solvent for extraction  

Ethanol is widely used as washing solvent in many equipment, so many people must have a question about “Why is ethanol used as solvent for extraction”. First of all, ethanol has a very good solubleness, which makes ethanol be able to dissolve with so many sample materials such as cbd. Secondly, the boiling point of ethanol is quite low, so ethanol is easy to be separated from the mixture and can save energy at the same time. Therefore, ethanol is always used as solvent for extraction.

specification sheet

Model Drum diameter mm Drum height mm Volume L  Revolving speed r/min Motor Power KW Size mm Weight KG
PP-15 300 250 15 2000 1.1 950*500*480 210
PP-25 300 350 25 2000 1.5 950*500*580 220
PP-45 450 300 45 1500 2.2 1250*700*760 450
PP-60 450 400 60 1500 3 1250*700*860 470
PP-85 600 300 85 1250 3 1500*900*950 970
PP-110 600 400 110 1250 4 1500*900*1050 1000
PP-140 600 500 140 1250 5.5 1500*900*1150 1030

ethanol extraction

Hemp Extraction Centrifuge working


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