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cbd extraction methods

There are three extraction methods, including steam distillation, pressing and extraction. Since cbd’s boiling point is more than 400 degrees and is insoluble in water, so extraction is the most suitable extraction method for cbd. Steam distillation is suitable for the volatile substances and pressing is suitable for the extraction of liquid. During the extraction process of cbd, extraction and purification are the keys.


  How is CBD extracted

  Cbd oil is always extracted by ethanol, Co2, butane, olive oil and some other solvents. Generally, hemp plant or Cannabis plant is always put into extraction equipment to get extracted by solvents. Washing hemp plant or Cannabis plant with solvents can make cbd get extracted efficiently. And separating cbd and solvents by getting solvents get evaporated can provide cbd oil with a better purity. Separating the mixture can guarantee a pure cbd oil up to 98% purity.

  What is the best way to extract CBD from hemp

  There are several ways to extract CBD from hemp such as ethanol extraction method, Co2 extraction method, butane extraction method, oil extraction method and some other extraction methods. Nowadays, ethanol extraction method is used most widely and safest. Co2 extraction method and butane extraction method are less safe than ethanol extraction method. Therefore, ethanol extraction method is the best way to extract CBD from hemp.



Alcohol Removal


Botanical compound removal


low emperature rating

10-100 Lbs

20-30 Min

8-55 Gal

Product features

PP series centrifuge offers 3 program cycles : Spray Wash , Agitation Wash , and Spin Dry Cycle . Each program cycle has programmable Autorecipes and programmable Manualrecipe . Theoperator fills filter bag with mil Iedplant material and places it in the system where it 15 spun at varying speeds while iniecting alcohol at controlled rates . The system can also be flooded , and bi-directionally agitated for full target compound removal. After the wash , the plant material undergoes a medium duty spin dry , leaving the spent plant material 97 % free oftincturewithupto98 % target compound removal . The alcohol wash 15 then used for another 2-3 runs of material or diverted to a mixing tank for further processing .

  1 ) System Loading

  A preload filter bag 15 placed into the basket and the system is sealed to begin the cycle .

  2 ) Wash Cycle

  The " Spray Wash ' ' or , ' A gitation Wash " program 15 selected on the program menu where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator 's specifications .

  3 ) Alcohol Fill

  Chilled alcohol is pneumatically pumped from source tank into the CUP system via inlet valve or spray nozzle .

  4 ) Extraction Begins

  The plant material undergoes e other a spray wash or an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations aimed at extracting 98 % of plant desirables ·

  5 ) System Draining

  When the wash cycle is complete , the outlet valve is opened and the system d rained . The alcohol wash 15 pumped to a properly rated storage reservoir for further processing .

  6 ) Spin Dry Cycle

  The " Spin Dry ' ' program is selected on the program menu and the drying cycle is started . The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within .

  7 ) System Unloading

  When the dry cycle is complete , the operator can retrieve the filter bag from the basket .

industrial centrifuge specification sheet

ModelDrum diameter mmDrum height mmVolume L Revolving speedr/minMotor Power KWSize mmWeight KG

Closed loop extraction is an extraction equipment working within a closed container, which means the outside atmosphere.....

here are several extraction methods, and the best cbd extraction method is ethanol extraction method.


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