Best ethanol extraction equipment

Product Overview

10~100Ibs: lant material batch (depending on mill size)

20~30min:Average Run Time (depending on SOP)

8~55gaI:Alcohol Requirement Per Run (wash ncture can be used twice)



Alcohol Removal


Botanical Compound Removal


Low emperature rating

  PP series centrifuge offers 3 program cycles : Spray Wash , Agitation Wash , and Spin Dry Cycle . Each program cycle has programmable Autorecipes and programmable Manualrecipe . Theoperator fills filter bag with mil Iedplant material and places it in the system where it 15 spun at varying speeds while iniecting alcohol at controlled rates . The system can also be flooded , and bi 一 directionally agitated for full target compound removal. After the wash , the plant material undergoes a medium duty spin dry , leaving the spent plant material 97 % free oftincturewithupto98 % target compound removal . The alcohol wash 15 then used for another 2-3 runs of material or diverted to a mixing tank for further processing .

  1 ) System Loading

  A preload filter bag 15 placed into the basket and the system is sealed to begin the cycle .

  2 ) Wash Cycle

  The " Spray Wash ' ' or , ' A gitation Wash " program 15 selected on the program menu where the RPM and cycle times are set to the operator 's specifications .

  3 ) Alcohol Fill

  Chilled alcohol is pneumatically pumped from source tank into the CUP system via inlet valve or spray nozzle .

  4 ) Extraction Begins

  The plant material undergoes e other a spray wash or an agitated wash with a set number of bi-directional agitations aimed at extracting 98 % of plant desirables ·

  5 ) System Draining

  When the wash cycle is complete , the outlet valve is opened and the system d rained . The alcohol wash 15 pumped to a properly rated storage reservoir for further processing .

  6 ) Spin Dry Cycle

  The " Spin Dry ' ' program is selected on the program menu and the drying cycle is started . The wet plant solids are spun dry of the remaining alcohol mixture within .

  7 ) System Unloading

  When the dry cycle is complete , the operator can retrieve the filter bag from the basket .

industrial centrifuge specification sheet

ModelDrum diameter mmDrum height mmVolume L Revolving speedr/minMotor Power KWSize mmWeight KG

Product Structure

Observa on window

There are a window on the top, can see the situation inside.

Lcd control panel

Touch screen operation, but the top working time is long and simple

Vacuum pumping

Automatic feeding


Size can be customized

Vacuum gauge
Mezzanine inlet
Cleaning port Pressure relief port Spare port
Mezzanine outlet
ethanol extraction equipment

Grouped equipment:

Grouped equipment
Liquid storage tank


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