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  Product description

falling film evaporator is to separate the ethanol from material and condense and recover it through reduced pressure vacuum and evaporation. The single-effect falling film evaporator used for ethanol solution production is different from the general single-effect falling film evaporator used for aqueous solution production. Ethanol has a low boiling point and is volatile. Ethanol can be evaporated easily under vacuum and reduced pressure, so it has a small evaporation area. It is difficult to condense and recover ethanol vapor, so the heat exchange area of the condenser is relatively large. In order to obtain a good cooling effect, two or more stages are often used for cooling recovery, which is also different from the general aqueous solution evaporation.


Theory of falling film evaporation

  The materials are evenly distributed into each falling film pipe through the distributor, and flow down the wall of the pipe in the state of a liquid film. Under the action of gravity and the secondary steam flow, the materials get evaporated while flowing down. At the bottom of the falling film tube, the materials and secondary steam are basically separated, and they reach the separation chamber to achieve complete separation.


  1. Professional design team can provide customized services.

  2. Professionally designed products for ethanol recovery.

  3. Can provide equipment drawings, installation instructions, operating instructions and so on.

  4. Can provide matched heat and cold sources.

  5. The solution of low-temperature ethanol extraction (CBD extraction) can be systematically solved.



The structure of single-effect falling film

single-effect falling film

  S01——Evaporation and separation chamber

  E01——Tube heater

  E02——Tube condenser

  E03——Coil condenser

  E04——Vacuum pump cooler

  V01——Middle tank

  V02——Ethanol collection tank

  P01——Feeding pump

  P02——Concentrate discharge pump

  P03——Discharge pump of ethanol

  P04——Water ring vacuum pump

Working process of falling film evaporator

  Feeding(V01) - evaporation(E01) - separation(S01) - condensation(E02) - cooling (E03) - storage tank (V02)

Features of falling film evaporator

  1. Low heating temperature

  2. High evaporation speed

  3. Short liquid residence time

  4. Continuously feeding and discharging

  5. Suitable for heat sensitive materials

  6. Energy-saving

Matched products

Heat supply

1. Heat supply to achieve ethanol evaporation: steam boiler, circulating oil bath tank and so on.

Storage tank
3. Storage tank to store ethanol

3. Cooling supply to achieve ethanol recovery: cooling tower, chiller, refrigerating machine and so on.

parameters  of falling film evaporator
Evaporation capacity20kg/h50kg/h100kg/h150kg/h200kg/h
Electrical heating power15kw38kw
Water ring vacuum pump1.5kw2.2kw
Extreme vacuum-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa
Boundary dimension(mm)1800x900x22001900x1200x25002000x1200x30002200x1300x35002500x1500x4000

Product applications

  Single-effect falling film evaporator is widely used in food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, environmental protection engineering and corn deep processing, such as for aqueous solutions, organic solvent solutions, fruit and vegetable juices, milk, eggs, vitamin C, collagen , Tea immersion liquid, sodium glutamate and other evaporative concentration. It is especially suitable for evaporative concentration of heat-sensitive materials, and the beneficial elements of the material can be protected to the greatest extent during the heating and evaporation process.


  1. Why is single-effect falling film evaporator commonly used for ethanol recovery?

  Ethanol has low heat content and is volatile, so it is not suitable for multi-effect falling film evaporator.

  2. What is the feed temperature of the single-effect falling film when recovering ethanol?

  It is recommended to be above 20 ℃, if the low temperature material liquid can add a preheating device before the cloth.

  3. How much is the steam pressure in the heating chamber controlled?

  The steam pressure is controlled within 0.2MPa, and the temperature is within 130 ℃.

  4. How to control the steam temperature?

  By adjusting the steam pressure to adjust the steam temperature, the temperature changes with the pressure.

  5. What material is the single effect falling film evaporator, can it be made of 316 material?

  Hygienic grade 304 material. According to customer needs can be made of 316 material.

  6. Is the single-effect falling film evaporator controlled automatically or manually?

  Manual control. According to customer needs can make automatic control system.

  7. Can 200L single effect falling film evaporator be sent by air?

  After special packaging design, it can be sent by air.


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