drying equipments in food industry


Wide application:

a variety of materials can be dried like vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushroom and etc..

Mesh belt drying machine Material:S304stainless steel
Heat source: gas
Setting temperature:70-90 degrees
-width: 2000mm
-length: 12000mm
-layer: 4
-Drying material area:84m³
-Mesh material: 304SS
-Wind Flow:36100-69253m³/h
Drying time:2.5-5 hour (from feeding port to discharging port).
Insulation layer,Rock wool
25mm,sealing rubber strip.
Feeding conveyor
Feeding conveyor with distributor Model:BX-800×6000
Motor power:YCT-3kw(the conveyor and drying machine is same transmission motor)
Mesh: Stainless steel
The price is included in dryer

What is drying in food processing ?

Generally, the food-processing process includes several parts, and drying process is one of them. Food drying technology is a method of preservation by drying (dehydrated or dried) food. Drying inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold by removing moisture. So food drying technology plays a very important role in food-processing, which make food be preserved effectively.

What is drying method ?

Drying method is to remove water from items, which is widely used in many fields, for example, industrial field, people’s daily life at kitchen, chemical field, food-making and juice-making field, textile field and some other fields. Within these applications, drying hemp is especially popular in the drying market nowadays. All in all, drying method is an interdisciplinary and cross-field technology.

What is the purpose of drying ?

Drying method is used in many fields, and there are different purposes in different fields. For example, people use drying method to keep fruits preserved longer by removing moisture; people use drying method to get hemp dried, in order to make hemp next step happen and go well; and some other practical using purposes. Since drying method is used in different fields, the applications of it are totally different.


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