Molecular distillation technology


  The Importance Of Molecular Distillation Technolgy

Although we always use molecular distillation equipment on many occasions, how many of us know about the molecular distillation technology refining process – what is its significance, why is it process so crucial?

I will make the process of extracting fish oil as an example to explain the meaning of molecular distillation technology.

We all know that today, because of the increase in agricultural and industrial waste being dumped into the ocean waters, the aquatic life residing in ocean waters is full of contaminations like mercury, lead, arsenic, PCBs, etc. This means that fish oil that contains the oil extracted from the cold-water fish caught from such polluted ocean waters should undergo proper refining methods during their manufacturing process to filter out all the unwanted toxins.

This is where the molecular distillation technology refining process plays a vital role. This is the only known refining process that removes all the harmful chemicals from the oil-based on their molecular weight. This process also ensures that the oil is of pharmaceutical grade quality.

Molecular distillation is depending on the difference of molecular motion mean free path of different substances. Molecular distillation is more complicated than simple and traditional distillation, because it has more advanced technology. And molecular distillation has a high working efficiency because of it’s high technology.

Technical parameters of molecular distillation:

type Effective evaporation area(㎡) Condenser area(㎡) Inner diameter of barrel(mm) Volume of constant pressure feeding funnel(L) Processing flow(KG/H) Motor power(W) Max
LMD-60 0.05 0.1 60 0.5 0.1-2.0 120 450
LMD-80 0.1 0.15 80 1 0.3-4.0 120 450
LMD-100 0.15 0.2 100 1 0.5-5.0 120 450
LMD-150 0.25 0.4 150 2 1.0-8.0 120 450
LMD-200 0.35 0.5 190 2 1.5-10.0 200 300
LMD-300 0.5 0.65 220 5 2.0-15.0 200 300

  uses of molecular distillation

Molecular distillation is a special and complicated liquid-liquid separation method working under high pressure, which can separate substances at the temperatures that are much lower than the boiling points of the substances. So molecular distillation is widely in many fields, for example, daily chemical, recycling and other industrial fields, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food and so on.

  disadvantage of molecular distillation

Molecular distillation is widely used by many people because of it’s high efficiency. However, it also has some disadvantages. For example, it is more complicated than the traditional and simple separation methods, which means it is harder to operate; the equipment and technique requirements of molecular distillation are very high, which means it costs a lot more than the traditional and simple separation methods.

  advantages of molecular distillation

As we all know, molecular distillation is an effective liquid-liquid separation method. Therefore, it has several advantages: it has low evaporation temperature, which means it can save more energy; it has less pollution and does not produce toxic substances, which is very helpful to our environment; it takes less time to produce more end products. Besides these advantages, molecular distillation also has other advantages.

  Molecular distillation theory

Molecular distillation is a distillation technology being operated under high vacuum. It is a special liquid-liquid separation method and is different from traditional distillation method, which works depending on the boiling points difference. Molecular distillation works depending on molecular weight difference among different substance molecules.

  Molecular distillation process

The material is added from the top of the evaporator, and is continuously and evenly distributed on the heating surface through the liquid distributor on the rotor. Then the wiper scrapes the liquid into a very thin, turbulent liquid film and spirals. During this process, the light molecules that escape from the heating surface are condense into a liquid on the built-in condenser after a short route and flow down the condenser tube through the discharge tube at the bottom of the evaporator. The heavy molecules are collected in a circular passage under the heating zone, and then flows out through the discharge pipe on the side.


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