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Molecular distillation is also called short path molecular distillation, which is a distillation method under high vacuum. The average free path of the vapor molecules is greater than the distance between the evaporation surface and the condensation surface, so that the difference in evaporation rate of each component in the liquid can be used. Molecular distillation is to separate the mixtures of liquids.

Molecular distillation has a very high efficiency on the concentration and extraction of substances. Therefore, people always use molecular distillation to extract cannabis, because molecular distillation can process a big bulk of cannabis at the same time. There are so many popular cannabis production made by molecular distillation in the market.


The working principle of molecular distillation is to separate substances by the differences in mean free path of molecular motion of different substances. Because the weight of different substances are different, the different substances will run into different ways during the working process. Therefore, that’s why the different substances are separated by molecular distillation..

pressure range

  Molecular distillation is a liquid-liquid separation method that works

under high vacuum. Generally, the pressure range of molecular distillation is under 0.01 torr, which is under 1.3 Pa. This very high vacuum environment makes sample materials can boil at the temperatures that are much lower than sample materials’ boiling points, which saves a lot of energy.


There are so many applications of molecular distillation in many fields. For example, molecular distillation can distill food and protect the nature at the same time in food-making field; molecular distillation can extract essential oil, lanolin and other substances in make-up field; molecular distillation can distill Vitamin A and Vitamin E from mixture in pharmaceutical field. Besides above, there are still more applications of molecular distillation.

cbd essential oils

1.molecular distillation is widely used on distilling cbd from hemp. And the cbd extracted from hemp can be used in many different fields.  

2.Essential oils are made through the extraction and concentration of

substances by molecular distillation. Essential oils have high concentration, so making essential oils takes a lot energy for molecular distillation.

  • Temperature
  • Price

Molecular distillation cbd extraction temperature control reference

  1. Feed tank preheating temperature: 100 ° C

  2. The subject reactor heating temperature: 150-180 ° C

  3. Central condenser cooling temperature: 50-60 ° C

  4. External first stage condenser: Cooling temperature: 0--10 °C

  5. External second stage condenser: Cooling temperature: -60--120 °C

  No-load vacuum reaches ≤0.002 mba


Extraction equipment molecular distillation system price

ModelEffective evaporation area(㎡)Condensation area(㎡)Inner diameter of barrel(mm)Funnel Volume(L)Processing flow(KG/H)Motor power(W)Max speed(rpm)

The prices of molecular distillation equipment differ according to different technology devices.

what is molecular distillation

Molecular distillation is a complicated liquid-liquid separation method, which is more effective than simple and traditional liquid-liquid separation methods. Molecular distillation is to separate substances by the differences in mean free path of molecular motion of different substances. Molecular distillation is widely used in many fields, for example, chemical labs, industrial factories and other fields.

what does molecular distillation do

Molecular distillation is widely used in the concentration, purification, distillation and separation of substances, which can separate different molecules effectively on a chemical level. Molecular distillation can be used to distill substances from mixture, purify substances into purer substances and separate two kinds of substances from the one mixture. Therefore, molecular distillation is quite popular in the market.

how does molecular distillation work

Molecular distillation works through the differences in mean free path of molecular motion of different substances. During the working process, there are mainly four parts: molecules diffuse from the liquid body to the evaporation surface; free evaporation of molecules on the surface of the liquid layer; molecules fly from the evaporation surface to the condensation surface; molecules get condensed on the condensation surface.

  1.Feeding pot

  2.Magnetic coupling drives stirring

  3.Jacketed evaporator(with condenser inside)


  5.Circulating heater(work with jacketed evaporator)

  6.Heating and cooling circulator (work with internal condenser)

  7.Controlling system(show vacuum degree, control and display ②rotary speed)

  8.Distillate Receiving bottle(low boiling point)

  9.Residue Receiving bottle(high boiling point)

  10.Rotary vane vacuum pump

  11.Diffusion pump

Molecular Distillation Equipment Diagram


Fractional distillation is a separation method that separates different substances with different boiling points

Molecular distillation is an efficient liquid-liquid separation method, which is

to separate substances though.....

Molecular distillation system is more complicated than the simple and traditional distillation......


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