Medical cannabis benefits

Medical cannabis benefits

The functions of medical cannabis

Medical cannabis is very popular in medical field, because it has so many powerful functions. The efficiency that medical cannabis can achieve is very high. Now let’s go through what functions medical cannabis has:

    1. Intestinal laxative: Cannabis can moisten the intestines, which helpsto solve the digestive problems such as dry stools.
    2. Treating illness caused bywind: It has a greater effect on the treatment of illness caused by wind.
    3. Treatment of amenorrhea: It can be used to improve irregular menstruation.
    4. Anesthetic: Its leaves can be used to make medical anesthetics.
    5. Itis enable to kill a small number of cancer cells.

      Medical cannabis benefits
      Medical cannabis benefits

Medical cannabis benefits

In the past decades, cannabis has always been a controversial topic because of it’s dual influences on people’s life. Recently, more and more research indicates that cannabis has many medical benefits. They are as follows:

    1. It has anticancer effect;
    2. It can slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease;
    3. It can decreasethe rate of seizures;
    4. It can reduce the sputum of patients with multiple sclerosis;
    5. It can reduce pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy and traditional HIV/AIDS treatment, which enablespatients to continue medical care more comfortably;
    6. It can minimize nerve damage caused by spinal cord and traumatic brain injury.

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