LED grow light

What is grow light

  Grow light is a lighting device that can be widely used to cultivate flowers、vegetables and other plants through lighting them. There are varying colors with different intensities in grow light, in order to grow different kinds of plants. Grow light can be used greenhouses and outdoor conditions, which makes itself widely used. In the market, grow light is used to cultivate roses, orchids, lettuces, tomatoes and other kinds of plants. Therefore, grow light is quite popular in the market.

Can any LED light be used as a grow light

  Grow light is one kind of LED light. Sometimes, users can use regular LED light to cultivate plants, but it can’t make sure the plants grow healthily or efficiently. Because grow light contains several different kinds of lights, which have different kinds of intensities. These different kinds of intensities can provide better service for the plants to grow. Therefore, if you want to cultivate your plants better, you’d better grow your plants with a grow light instead of any regular LED light.

What is the difference between a grow light and a regular light

  A grow light and a regular light are both LED lights. However, these two lights are totally different, which means they have different applications. A grow light is used to cultivate all kinds of plants, including flowers, vegetables and other plants. With different intensities, a grow light can offer the plants good service. At the same time, a regular light is used in people’s daily life. A regular light is mainly used for people’s need and consumption.

1200w LED grow light

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Which led grow lights are the best

The three hottest LED grow lights for sale

1200W LED grow light

1200w LED grow light


  01. Patented design fixture special cooling system.

  02. Powerful 5w Epistar/Bridgelux leds in current market.

  03. Full spectra from 380nm-850nm&white for the best grow effect.

  04.Each PCB have the same full spectrum and spectrums ratios for the best mixture of different spectra, most effective & powerful for optimal performance.

  05.30/60/90 degree lens make the average intensity of each spectrum per unit of area, mix the full spectra like the sunshine(the part of 380nm-850nm)

  06.Weixinli 5w series spead a fixed coverage with average intensity of each band. Coverage is the same with different quality leds.