LED grow light

What is grow light

  Grow light is a lighting device that can be widely used to cultivate flowers、vegetables and other plants through lighting them. There are varying colors with different intensities in grow light, in order to grow different kinds of plants. Grow light can be used greenhouses and outdoor conditions, which makes itself widely used. In the market, grow light is used to cultivate roses, orchids, lettuces, tomatoes and other kinds of plants. Therefore, grow light is quite popular in the market.

Can any LED light be used as a grow light

  Grow light is one kind of LED light. Sometimes, users can use regular LED light to cultivate plants, but it can’t make sure the plants grow healthily or efficiently. Because grow light contains several different kinds of lights, which have different kinds of intensities. These different kinds of intensities can provide better service for the plants to grow. Therefore, if you want to cultivate your plants better, you’d better grow your plants with a grow light instead of any regular LED light.

What is the difference between a grow light and a regular light

  A grow light and a regular light are both LED lights. However, these two lights are totally different, which means they have different applications. A grow light is used to cultivate all kinds of plants, including flowers, vegetables and other plants. With different intensities, a grow light can offer the plants good service. At the same time, a regular light is used in people’s daily life. A regular light is mainly used for people’s need and consumption.

1200w LED grow light

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Which led grow lights are the best

The three hottest LED grow lights for sale

1200W LED grow light

1200w LED grow light


  01. Patented design fixture special cooling system.

  02. Powerful 5w Epistar/Bridgelux leds in current market.

  03. Full spectra from 380nm-850nm&white for the best grow effect.

  04.Each PCB have the same full spectrum and spectrums ratios for the best mixture of different spectra, most effective & powerful for optimal performance.

  05.30/60/90 degree lens make the average intensity of each spectrum per unit of area, mix the full spectra like the sunshine(the part of 380nm-850nm)

  06.Weixinli 5w series spead a fixed coverage with average intensity of each band. Coverage is the same with different quality leds.

  07.Acry sheet with small refector surface to make sure all light in use without waste.

  08.1200 watt equals to 1400watt HPS, save energy and reduce electrical charge.

  09.Whole anti-rust casing with great heat sink.

  10. Unique design in cooling the leds, the whole body is the heat sink system and you can touch the temperature of leds by touching the lens.

  10. Drivers with CE/FCC/RoHS, leds are Epistar/Bridgelux, make sure the whole lamp’s high quality.

  12.Spectrum ratios come from our engineers’ 8 years research and Guangdong Province agricultural assistance.

  13.Hang kits included.


Model numberWS-PF5P1200
Actual power700W
LED Qty240pcs 5W LEDS  
Luminous flux88000LM
l/p Voltage85-264V 伏
Wavelength range380-850nm
RatioFull spectrum
Par value/200mm2680Umol
Lite time50000Hrs
Product size800×345×80(mm)
Package size930×440×180(mm)
Product colorBlack
Warranty3 years global warranty

Unique design

  1.Newest 5w chip grow light.

  2.Unique design in cooling the leds, the whole body is the heat sink system, you can touch the temperature of leds by touching the glass.

  3.The light has a special 2 layer lens which makes the light penetrate your plants better.

  4.Improve light intensity

  5.Powerful 5w leds

  6.Big fans

  7.Veg and bloom switches

5w series+second lens

Veg+bloom switches


Veg+bloom switches

Patented design fixture special cooling system.

Built-in fans, unique vents which prevent the water drop into the body.

Whole anti-rust casing with great heat sink.


Seeding&breeding, farm&flower.
Hydroponics&horticulture&greenhouse lighting.
Objects: Vegetables-Peppers. Tomatoes and etc
Flowers and orchids. Roses and etc
Herbs-Basil. hemp.Wheatgrass and etc

Exhibition&garden&bonsai&home&urban and university research and

so on.

Different plant growth situation

Growing tips:(coverage&hanging height)

Different plant growth situation

LED quantum board grow light

LED quantum board grow light

  Can sterilize plants and stimulate Photosynthesis.

  Can stimulate blossoming and fruiting efficiently.


  To get a better heat dissipation, use 4mm solid radiator, and keep the distance between the driving power and the radiator.

LED quantum board grow light

  Grow light shelves:

  1. Quantum board lamp body (including driven part)

  2. American standard/European standard plug

  3. Lifting lanyard (two)

  4. Stainless hook (four)

LED quantum board grow light specifications

Lamp bead power0.5WLamp bead quantity576
Net weight2KGPPFD1217
Input voltage100-277V PF0.99
Environment temperature-20°C~40°CIrradiation area1㎡/30CM

Precautions when you purchase LED grow light.

  1.Area the light needs to cover: One of the most important thing we need to know before choosing the LED Lights is the area that needs to be covered. By knowing about the size of the area we can decide which type and how many LED lights we might need. For the best coverage we can easily choose the one’s that suits to the area needs and requirements and more lights can be placed adjacent to each other in order to cover the most space.

  2.Plant Growth Phases: We also need to consider which grow lights led would be suitable for each phase of plant growth. If you’re interested in buying Led Grow Light for the full growth cycle then you should select full-spectrum LED grow light as it is used in all phases and not confined to any specific phase.

  3.Budget: Another important thing to consider when thinking about buying the best Grow Lights LED is the budget i.e. the amount of money you’re willing to spend on equipment.

  4.Angle of LED Lens: You also need to consider the coverage value of the LED bulb you are going to purchase and due to this it is important to know about the angle of dispersion within the LED bulbs. More the angle of dispersion, more will be the coverage and vice-versa.

led grow lights reviews

  What are the functions of grow light

  Grow lights are quite popular these days, and almost can be used in every plant-related field. A grow light is widely used for horticulture, indoor gardening, plant propagation and food production, including indoor hydroponics and aquatic plants. The functions of a grow light are as follows:

  1. A grow light can substantially increase the productivity of plants.

  2. A grow light can make plants anti-fog.

  3. A grow light can substantially increase the quality of farm products.

  4. A grow light can decrease the pests influence, and save the farm labor.

  What kind of light do plants need

  Different kinds of plants need different kinds of lights to stimulate their growth. Because different kinds of lights have different intensities and wavelength. There are generally several kinds of lights including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other lights, which have totally different features. Different kinds of lights with different features will be suitable for different kinds of plants. Therefore, choose what kinds of light depends on the plants.

  Is grow light bad for you

  A grow light includes several kinds of lights that have different wavelength. Among these different lights with different wavelength, most lights will not do harm to people’s health. But ultraviolet light will do harm to people’s eyes. And pure red lights with a very high intensity will do harm to people’s health. So when you are using LED light, make sure do not use the harmful lights.

  What sized tent will you be growing in? And how many plants will you be growing at a time?

  These are two important factors to consider when determining which light is right for you. I recommend a 600w LED Light for your standard 2x4 tent, and For a 4x4 I recommend 900–1000w.

  If you give me your specific tent size I can give you a better idea of what amount of watts to aim for and can point you in the direction for an appropriate light.


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