Is ethanol extraction better than co2

Is ethanol or Co2 extraction better

  There are several different kinds of extraction methods, such as Co2 extraction, ethanol extraction, butane extraction and other extraction methods. Co2 extraction and ethanol extraction are quite popular extraction methods. Therefore, many people wonder is ethanol or Co2 extraction better?

  As we all know, ethanol extraction is quite efficient. What’s more, ethanol can be widely used on the extraction of many materials. However, Co2 extraction is quite picky on the extraction of materials, because not so many kinds of materials can be extracted by Co2.

Does Co2 extraction use ethanol

  Co2 extraction is to extract materials by using Co2 as a washing solvent under certain pressure and temperature. Therefore, ethanol is not used during Co2 extraction working process.

Is Co2 extraction healthy

  Co2 is not a good gas in people’s daily life. But Co2 extraction is a healthy extraction method that you can fully count on. Co2 extraction will leave users no side effects or any poisonous substances coming out. What’s more, supercritical liquid Co2 can kill the microbial bacteria during the extraction process. So Co2 won’t bring users any side affects, and besides, Co2 will do good to the product.

Is ethanol extraction for CBD safe

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