Drying system has many applications in many fields, for example, drying plant system, microwave drying system,manure drying system, drying system for air compressor,freeze drying system and so on.Drying system is widely used in all kinds of industrial and chemical processes,including processing hemp,which is mostly made by people and used in pharmaceutical field, textile field, cooking field and other useful field.

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Drying Technology

  drying technology has more and more types.Because some substances are heat-sensitive and others are not,there are several different kinds of drying technologies for those substances with different characteristics.For example,

  drying coal technology, drying corn technology,drying chamber technology, drum drying technology, drying technology for food and so on.

What drying equipment is

  The drying equipment is used to carry out a drying operation, and the moisture (generally referred to as moisture or other volatile liquid component) in the material is vaporized and escaped by heating to obtain a solid material having a prescribed moisture content. The purpose of drying is for the purpose of material use or further processing.

The application of drying equipment

  The application of drying equipment is very wide in several fields, for example, the drying of the wood before the production of the wooden mold , which can prevent the deformation of the product, and the drying of the ceramic blank before calcining the two drying equipment, which can prevent the product from cracking. Besides these applications, drying equipment is also widely used in other fields, for example:

  1.Drying equipment in food industry. People also use drying equipment in food field, including nut drying equipment, onion drying equipment, okra drying equipment, vegetable drying equipment, hops drying equipment, bagasse drying equipment, grain drying equipment, air drying ham equipment, weed drying equipment, yeast drying equipment , tobacco drying equipment and so on.

  2.Drying equipment in construction field. Drying equipment is used in construction field very often, for example, wood drying equipment, wall drying equipment, kiln drying equipment, building drying equipment, sludge drying bed equipment, air drying equipment and so on.

  3.Drying equipment in chemical field. People use drying equipment very often in chemical labs, for example, drying equipment used for thermolabile substances, biogas drying equipment, hemp drying equipment and so on.

  Except for above applications, drying equipment is also used for other applications, for example, agricultural drying equipment, drying equipment in pharmaceutical industry and so on.

The types of drying equipment

  There are several types of drying equipment, they are as follows:

  1.Box drying equipment

  2.Tunnel drying drying room

  3.Mesh belt drying machine

  4.Multi-layer turbine dryer

  5.Tumble dryer

  6.Air flow dryer

Drying equipment benefits

  The dried material is also convenient to transport and store, such as drying the harvested food below a certain moisture content to prevent mildew. Since natural drying is far from meeting the needs of production development, various mechanized dryers are becoming more and more widely used.


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