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How Is Ethanol Used for Cannabis Extraction?

  Ethanol extraction is a process in which waxes and lipids are separated for the most desirable products like terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. One reason that rotary evaporation is favorable for this technique is that the process is efficient with minimal labor. Because the ethanol can be reclaimed once extracted in a rotary evaporator, a manufacturer significantly reduces overhead costs.

There are so many types in extraction equipment, for example, ethanol extraction equipment, hexane extraction equipment, honey extraction equipment, co2 extraction machine, cbd extraction machine, closed loop extractor and so on. These extraction equipment are all different from each other. For example, ethanol extraction equipment is to extract substances by using ethanol as the washing solvent to extract substances from the materials. CO2 extraction machine is totally different from ethanol extraction equipment, which is to extract substances by using pressurized CO2 to pull the substances from materials. Cbd extraction equipment is the most popular equipment in the market because the increasing demands of cbd. Closed loop extractor is very effective and energy-saving, because the materials can be recycled in this extraction system. There are so many kinds of extraction equipment, so we need to pick up the one depending on our needs.

Plant extraction centrifuge definition

speed, continuous,precision extraction

PP series centrifuges are used for solid-liquid extraction. Users can extract vegetable oil compound from all kinds of plants through ethanol extraction system. The function of removing 97% ethanol from plants reduces production time and maximizes extraction yield.

Extraction meaning

low cost


Botanical Compound Removal,Results can vary depending upon biological makeup of source material


Alcohol Removal

Solo operation

The extraction and filtration work can be operated by one single person.

ethanol extraction

Hemp Extraction Centrifuge working

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CBD Extraction

cbd ethanol extraction

  Ethanol is widely used as washing liquid, in order to extract substances from the mixture or another substances. There are so many cbd extraction methods extracting cbd by using ethanol. For example, industrial centrifuge is to use ethanol to wash and extract cbd from hemp, which plays a very essential role during the process of processing hemp.

  Since the cbd oil coming out, people has been refining it more and more continuously. Therefore, more and more advanced cbd oil are provided into the market. Nowadays, advanced cbd oil is very popular and is widely used in many fields, for example, pharmaceutical, food-making and other fields. In pharmaceutical field, advanced cbd oil is used as hypnotic.

  There are three extraction methods, including steam distillation, pressing and extraction. Since cbd’s boiling point is more than 400 degrees and is insoluble in water, so extraction is the most suitable extraction method for cbd. Steam distillation is suitable for the volatile substances and pressing is suitable for the extraction of liquid. During the extraction process of cbd, extraction and purification are the keys.


ethanol extraction system


Ethanol extraction system is mainly depending on the solubility of ethanol and is always used in separation methods. During working process, ethanol can extract substances from the sample materials and then be separated. Ethanol extraction system is used in several different extraction equipment.


In the developing cannabis and hemp market, the hottest topic is how to extract and process hemp. So there are more and more extraction equipment rising up. Closed loop ethanol extraction is one of the most popular extraction equipment. It is based on the ethanol extraction system, which is to use ethanol extract cbd from hemp plant.


Ethanol extraction is an effective extraction method, which can be used both in small scale and large scale. For small scale ethanol extraction, it can be some homemade ethanol extraction equipment. And for the large scale ethanol extraction, it can be some equipment in industrial factory, for example, large scale extraction equipment.

  Knowing how to control extraction equipment cost is one of the most important things for you to create your benefit. Controlling extraction equipment cost means to make full use of materials and never waste any resource or energy. Controlling extraction equipment cost not only does good to personal economy development, but also to the whole country’s GDP.

  •   With vacuum port for automatic feeding
  •   The sizes of feeding and discharge gate can be customized
  •   The top cover has a window to observe the material
  •   All models have lifting rings at the four corners, and customers can customize the casters if needed.
  •   With temperature measuring device for keeping abreast of material temperature
  •   With explosion-proof motor which is safe and secure
  •   With LCD control which is rotated alternately and positively, timed, and intelligent.
  •   It is jacketed type. The jacket can pass the coolant or vacuum to maintain the insulation

Extraction centrifuge specification and price list

Different types of extraction centrifuges are available for you. The price of extraction centrifuges varies according to model and order quantity.

ModelRotary drumPower
Drum volume(L)Effective volume(L)Material

hashish oil price

The price of hemp oil varies according to different regions.Related recommendations:

What is cbd oil

Ethanol is a commonly used fuel, solvent and disinfectant and is also used

to make other compounds. Industrial alcohol contains a small amount of


Studies have shown that if cannabinol is used reasonably in medicine, it has anti-epilepsy.... 

Ethanol extraction is not only popular at chemical and industrial fields, but also used in people’s daily life......

There are several extraction methods to extract cbd from hemp, including

solvent extraction, olive oil extraction, and CO2 extraction.....


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