Rotary evaporator vs short path distillation

Difference between simple and short-path distillation

  Rotary evaporator and short path distillation are both used to concentrate or extract substances from mixtures. They are very similar but still have some differences between them. Next, let’s go through the differences between rotary evaporator and short path distillation:

  1. Different working principles. Rotary evaporator keeps rotating the evaporation flask by electric, in order to enlarge the evaporation area to accelerate the evaporating speed. Short path distillation decreases the pressure within the distillation equipment, in order to decrease substances’ boiling points. Compared with under normal pressure, many substances’ boiling points could decrease 80C-100C under pressure 1.3-2.0KPa.

  2. Different applications. Rotary evaporator is mainly used to continuously distill volatile solvent under reduced pressure in chemical, industrial, biology medicine and so on. Short path distillation is mainly used for the separation and extraction of high boiling point substances and the compounds which have been thermally decomposed, oxidized or polymerized without reaching the boiling point at atmospheric distillation.

  3. Different parts. Rotary evaporator consists of rotor, evaporation flask, heating mantle, condensing tubes and so on. Short path distillation equipment consists of evaporation flask, vacuum pump, protection and pressure-measuring part. The glassware in the whole equipment must be made of thick glass. Otherwise, the short path distillation equipment could explode because of the uneven force on the glassware.

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