How is ethanol extracted

How does extraction of ethanol work

  In the process of extraction, ethanol is used as the washing solvent, which is to extract the cannabinoids out of hemp plant. Because ethanol is easy to be separated, it is suitable to be the washing solvent. Ethanol extraction is a very high-efficiency extraction method. Because the cbd oil produced from ethanol extraction has a very high purity, which can up to 99%. During the process, first of all, ethanol extracts the cannabinoids our. And then the mixture of cannabinoids and ethanol will be separated, in order to get the cbd oil with a higher purification.

ethanol extracted

Is ethanol extraction safe

  So many people consider if ethanol extraction is safe. According to studies, ethanol extraction is safer than the other two extraction methods. Ethanol extraction is the safest, most high-efficiency, energy-saving extraction method so far.

How is ethanol extracted

  Ethanol is always used as the washing solvent. Therefore, knowing how to extract ethanol out of the mixture is very essential . Because ethanol is supposed to be extracted out to get a solvent with a higher concentration. Ethanol is a heat sensitive substance, so heating the mixture is a good way to extract ethanol. Please email us if you have more ideas.

Why is ethanol used as solvent for extraction

  Ethanol is widely used in the plant extraction field. Because ethanol has a very good solubility, which means it can dissolve almost everything. But Co2 doesn’t have that function. And butane is less safe than ethanol and Co2. Therefore, ethanol is a good choice to be used as solvent for extraction. Ethanol has the advantages that Co2 and other solvents do not have, and that’s the reason ethanol is good for it.


The milling process

There are four steps of producing ethanol, and they are as follows:

  1. Shatter the plant firstly, which makes ethanol-extraction more convenient for users; Before being shattered, the plant needs to be dried through some kind of drying machines.
  2. Sugar is an important substance in the producing process of ethanol. Sugar can be dissolved from the material.
  3. The producing process of ethanol is quite similar with the producing process of beer and wine. Starch is gradually decomposed into sugar and alcohol under the action of enzymes.
  4. The final step is to get ethanol from the third step concentrated, in order to get ethanol with higher concentration. What's more, gasoline or another additive will be added into it to prevent the tax.

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