Short path distillation principle

Short path distillation principle

  Short path distillation is a distillation method working under pressure 1-0.001mbar. It has a very low boiling point, which makes it suitable for heat-sensitive, high boiling point substances. Short path distillation is a complicated device to operate, so knowing how it works is very essential. Then let’s see what the short path distillation principles are:

  The material to be distilled is fed from the top of the evaporator, which will be continuously and evenly distributed over the heating surface through a liquid distributor on the rotor. The wiper then scrapes the liquid into a very thin, flowing liquid film that goes down in a spiral state. During this process, the light molecules that escape from the heating surface condense into a liquid on a built-in condenser after a short route. Then it almost has no collision, then flows down the condenser tube, and passes through the bottom of the evaporator. The tube is discharged. The residual liquid, which is the heavy molecules, is collected in a circular passage under the heating zone, and then flows out through the discharge pipe on the side.

short path distillation
short path distillation

What is short path distillation

  Short path distillation is an effective separation method that is used to separate liquid and liquid, which is much more effective than traditional separation method. Short path distillation is a special separation method that can operate under extremely high vacuum.

  It separates liquid and liquid through the difference of substances’ boiling points, and is suitable for high boiling point, heat-sensitive, easy-oxide substances. Short path distillation’s temperature is lower than the boiling point of materials. What’s more, it has a low evaporating pressure, short heating time, and high separation efficiency. So short path distillation can protect the specialty of substances and also save energy. Short path distillation is specially used for the extraction of natural health care products, which can get rid of chemical reaction to keep the nature of products.

short path distillation kit

Short path distillation kit has a simple structure and is made of high borosilicate glass, which is anticorrosive and durable. The glass pieces joints are grind arenaceous, which has a better seal. The structure of cold trap is separating and designed uniquely.

short path distillation
short path distillation

short path distillation kit accessories

  Evaporation flask: where materials get to be heated and evaporated

  Condensing part: which is to cool down the gas-phase substances into liquid-phase substances. This part consists of two parts, the one is the chiller, the other one is the glass tube

  Heating mantle: which is to heat evaporation flask and get materials evaporated

  Glassware: which is to transfer the substances produced during process

  Vacuum pump: which is to provide vacuum environment for the whole equipment

  Receiving flask: which is to collect extracted substance for users easy to get

  Holder: which is to hold the glassware and to connect the bottles

short path distillation
short path distillation

short path distillation tips

  1. Check if the cooling water inlet and outlet valves are normally open and the pressure is normal.

  2. Check that the inlet and outlet valves for the cooling water of each component are open. The equipment is heated by hot oil and the temperature is high.

  3. Do not touch it with your hands to avoid burns.

  4. Check if the ethanol in the cryostat is sufficient.

  5. Note if the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is sufficient.

  6. Check that the cold well is connected to the equipment.

7. Heating short path distillation needs to be gradual, because heating fast could break the glassware.

8. And don’t touch the glassware with your rings or watches, because the glassware could be broken by rings or watches.

9. Don’t touch the equipment within 5minutes after cutting off the electricity, because inverter or capacitor may discharge.

short path distillation kit

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