short path distillation kit

short path distillation kit

  Short path distillation kit has a simple structure and is made of high borosilicate glass, which is anticorrosive and durable. The glass pieces joints are grind arenaceous, which has a better seal. The structure of cold trap is separating and designed uniquely.

short path distillation kit accessories

  Evaporation flask: where materials get to be heated and evaporated

  Condensing part: which is to cool down the gas-phase substances into liquid-phase substances. This part consists of two parts, the one is the chiller, the other one is the glass tube

  Heating mantle: which is to heat evaporation flask and get materials evaporated

  Glassware: which is to transfer the substances produced during process

  Vacuum pump: which is to provide vacuum environment for the whole equipment

  Receiving flask: which is to collect extracted substance for users easy to get

  Holder: which is to hold the glassware and to connect the bottles

Tips when you are using short path distillation

  1. Heating short path distillation needs to be gradual, because heating fast could break the glassware.

  2. And don’t touch the glassware with your rings or watches, because the glassware could be broken by rings or watches.

  3. Don’t touch the equipment within 5minutes after cutting off the electricity, because inverter or capacitor may discharge.

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