How do You Use a Closed Loop Extractor?

What is a Closed Loop System BHO?

A closed loop extractor is closed and there are several parts working together within this equipment. Firstly, the materials are put into the main material column and got washed by solvents. In this step, the pointed substances get extracted and the mixture of solvents and extracted substances will be transferred into the next column. Secondly, the solvents and extracted substances get separated and then the solvents will be transferred into next column. In the mean time, the extracted substances will be collected in the container.

What Products can be Made from a Closed-Loop System?

The products made from a closed loop system are mostly Butane Hash Oil, which can be used in many fields. For example, budder, crumble, wax, shatter, and live resin are all the products that belong to Butane Hash Oil. A closed loop system is an efficient and energy-saving extraction system, which is also full-set. In the working process of closed loop system, solvents can be recycled and put into the new working cycle.

closed loop extractor
closed loop extractor

How does a Closed Loop Extractor Work?

A closed loop system is a extraction method that extracts hemp concentrate, which is known as BHO. Generally, users use ethanol or butane to extract BHO out of the hemp plant. Closed loop system is a closed system and the solvents in it can be recycled to be used again and again.

First of all, the materials are put into the column to be washed by ethanol or other solvents. In this step, substances are extracted from the materials by ethanol. Secondly, the mixture gets evaporated and separated. Thirdly, the ethanol gets transferred into next column and recycled. Then the new materials are put into this system and a new circle starts.

A List Of Equipment For Closed-Loop Extraction/Extraction Components

A closed loop extractor system consists of some equipment, and they are as follows:

  • Closed-Loop Extractor
  • Recovery Tank
  • Recovery Pump
  • Refrigerant Pump
  • Refrigerant Scale
  • CFM Pump
  • Vacuum Oven
closed loop extractor
closed loop extractor

How do You Use a Closed Loop Extractor?

When you are using a closed loop extractor, you should always pay attention to the operating instruction of it. Because it is a complicated equipment and you should operate it very carefully. Maintaining and caring a closed loop extractor is also essential, because the solvents in it should be changed regularly.

How does Butane Extraction Work?

Butane extraction is one type of hydrocarbon extraction, which is used in several different fields. Butane extraction method is to extract or concentrate cannabis plant or hemp plant through using a hydrocarbon like butane or propane. In the working process of butane extraction method, firstly materials and butane are put into the tank and then they get mixed. Secondly, the mixture of butane and materials are put into the evaporation system. Thirdly, connect the tank and compressor in order to the waste air get compressed into the compressor, get compressed and used again and again. Fourthly, the mixed oil get transferred into evaporation system. In this step, the mixture gets evaporated, and butane and materials get separated. The materials are collected while butane are recycled.

Safety Precautions You Need to Know When Using Closed Loop Extractor

The attention on safety is always the most essential thing you need to notice when you are using any machines. There are several precautions you need to know when you are using a closed loop extractor:

  1. Gaskets are supposed to be checked and changed, because they can be worn-out easily. Therefore, you need to prepare several gaskets in advance, just in case. Because worn gaskets can lead the leakage of water, which will influence the working system very badly.
  2. Butane control or build-up is another common question during the working process of a closed loop extractor. Therefore, you need to check if there is a leakage of butane.

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