How a dryer works

How a dryer works

Firstly, the items to be dried are sent to the trailer through the delivery facility, and the feeding timing in the trailer is sent to the feeding end, and then enters the dryer from the feeding end. The drum of the dryer is slightly skewed to the extent, and the items enters the drum from the higher end. The same heat carrier enters from the other end to form a reverse contact with the items. Because the drum is slightly skewed, the items are moving directly or indirectly by the heat carrier to get dried. Then the items are sent out by the discharge end.

At the same time, the outside of the drum is equipped with a board, which can lift the items and put them down. Because the parallel surface of the items and the cyclone become larger, the drying rate will be slowed down. The heating medium has a normal warm atmosphere and a channel gas. After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, it is normal to separate the heat carrier from the articles to be carried by the claw dust collector. At the same time, it should also be equipped with a bag filter and a wet dust collector, which can further reduce the dust content of helium.

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