Freeze drying food machine for home use

The types of drying machine

Drying machine is widely used in many fields, for example, industrial field, chemical field, drying food machine for home use, drinking field, petroleum and chemical industry field, oil and fat industry field, synthetic fiber industry field, textile printing and dyeing work field, non-woven industry field and so on.

There are so many kinds of drying machine for using in different field, for example, food drying machine for people’s daily life, industrial drying machine for industrial usage, industrial air dryer, industrial hemp drying equipment, industrial freeze drying equipment, industrial food drying equipment, industrial paint drying equipment and so on.

food drying machines

Freeze drying food machine for home use

Freeze drying food machine is quite popular at people’s daily life at home. Freeze drying food machine for home use is a small vacuum freeze dryer. It can be applied to the use at home and other use. It is widely used in the freeze drying of fruits, all kinds of meats, vegetables, herbs, health care and so on.

Freeze frying food machine is operated by people through touch screen buttons, and it can be automatic during the working process, which is very convenient and relaxing for people. It has an advanced system, small running current and it is energy-saving.

It has a food-level stainless steel 304 plate and inner design, which is very safe and guaranteed. Besides these practical characteristics, this machine still has a beautiful appearance and compact size.

What a freeze dryer is

  A home freeze dryer can freeze the water-containing substance into a solid state first, and then sublimate the water therein from the solid state to a gaseous state to remove the water and preserve the substance. A home freeze dryer consists of a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, a heating system, and an electrical instrumentation control system. It can be used in food-making field, pharmaceutical field, industrial field, biological field and other fields.

How does a home freeze dryer work

  There are three stages in a home freeze dryer’s working process:

  1. The first stage of a home freeze dryer’s working process is freezing stage. In this stage, the freeze dryer cools the material below its triple point.

  2. The second stage of a home freeze dryer’s working process is sublimation stage. In this stage, the solid water (ice) in the materials gets sublimated directly into water vapor under vacuum environment. In this way, water gets removed and the materials get dried. The vacuum system establishes low-pressure conditions for the sublimation drying bin.

  3. The second stage of a home freeze dryer’s working process is second sublimation stage. In this stage, the temperature will get higher than the second stage in order to dry materials. The structure of materials are porous.

  During the whole working process, there is always a vacuum system. And when the process ended, the vacuum system will break down by itself.

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