Falling film evaporator problems and solutions

  When users are using falling film evaporator, there can be some problems happening sometimes. These problems are some warnings for us to adjust the falling film evaporator or change some old accessories. These are some detailed problems and their solutions:

Falling film evaporator
Falling film evaporator

  1. The vacuum decreases during the evaporating process, which leads to the decrease of evaporation. The solution aimed at this problem is to check the evaporator distribution plate. First of all, check if the distribution material hole got stuck, which leads the uneven distribution of material. Secondly, check if the heater tubes got stuck. Thirdly, check if the temperature difference between condenser inlet and outlet is too small.

  2. The vacuum of the falling film evaporator equipment is too low during the closed evaporation. The solution aimed at this problem is to check if vacuum got destroyed and if all the joints leak the vacuum.

  3. Various effect material separators are often put on the sight glass, and the condensed water is heavily charged. The solution aimed at this problem is to check whether the circulation pumps are intact, and check whether there is air leakage in the pipeline in front of the pump, which causes cavitation of the pump.

  4. When the steam consumption increases significantly, the nozzle of the heat pump should be checked for blockage or damage as the solution.

  Under normal system evaporation, the amount of evaporation got reduced. The solution is to wash the car with 2% NaOH solution.

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