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Low-cost falling film evaporator can achieve the purpose of heat utilization by chiller. Falling film evaporator can be continuously operated under vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high evaporation capacity, energy saving and consumption reduction, and low operating cost. What’s more, it also can maintain the original color, aroma, taste and ingredients of the processed materials to the maximum extent.

Advantages of ethanol falling film evaporator

Capacity specification



The evaporation efficiency is 3 times of rotary evaporator.

Solvent recovery

The ethanol recovery rate can reach 98%.

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falling film evaporator in the cannabis industry

  During the process of processing cannabis, there is one step using falling film evaporator. Falling film evaporator is in charge of separating substances from the mixture. In cannabis-processing process, falling film evaporator is to get ethanol evaporated. In this way, we can get purer cbd, and ethanol can also be recycled.


  Falling film evaporator has automatic cleaning system, which means it can clean the whole equipment by itself. Cleaning equipment is very essential for the working equipment, so cleaning the falling film evaporator regularly is very essential. An automatic cleaning system is very convenient for users, which it can save so much energy and time for users.

sugar industry

  Falling film evaporator has been used in sugar industry for a long time. During the working process, sugar juice is distributed on the vertical tubes and flows into the bottom in films. Then the sugar juice is heated into gas by heating chamber. And then the gas-phase sugar juice will be condensed and collected .

heat transfer coefficient viscous

  In falling film evaporator equipment, heat transfer coefficient can be influenced by feed concentration and pressure. Scientists specially have some experiments to prove that. In these experiments, scientists used control variate method to design the operating processes. And it turns out that heat transfer coefficient has something to do with fluid properties, geometric parameters and flow rate.


  Climbing film evaporator and falling film evaporator are both efficient evaporators, which are widely used in chemical field, industrial field, food-making field and other fields. People use these two evaporators to separate, concentrate substances from mixtures. For example, the extraction of hemp; the concentration of sugar.Falling film evaporator is also used in pharmaceutical field. People use falling film evaporator to extract or concentrate some medical substances, in order to get purer or thicker substances. Besides pharmaceutical field, falling film evaporator is also used in chemical engineering, food-making and other fields.

advantages and disadvantages

  Falling film evaporator has some advantages and disadvantages. For example, the advantages are: dividing materials into thin films is beneficial for the evaporation of materials, which increases the evaporating efficiency; higher efficiency than the traditional evaporator. The disadvantages are: it is not suited for salting or scaling materials; the headroom requirements of falling film evaporator is really high.


  The working principle of falling film evaporator is that, putting the materials into the falling film evaporator top, which will be divided into thin films then. The film-shaped materials are easy to be evaporated. Then the evaporated gas -phase substances will be separated and then condensed into liquid-phase, which is convenient to be collected. Then users will collect the liquid-phase substances.


  In falling film evaporator equipment, there are several essential parts in it, for example, falling film evaporator heat exchanger, separator, preheater, condenser, condensate tank, circulation pump and other components.separator is an essential part of this equipment. Separator is the device that separates different substances. During the working process of falling film evaporator, some substances are concentrated, in the meantime some substances are extracted. So separator can separate these different substances.


ethanol evaporation temperature

  The temperature that ethanol gets evaporated is the boiling point of ethanol. There are two ways to calculate the boiling point of ethanol, which are Fahrenheit and Celsius. In Fahrenheit, the ethanol evaporation temperature is 212 degrees Fahrenheit. In the meanwhile, in Celsius, the ethanol evaporation temperature is 78 degrees Celsius. The boiling point is much higher than water’s boiling point.

ethanol extractors

  Ethanol is widely used in the extraction and separation of substances. It is always used to extract substances out of the mixtures as the washing solvent. Ethanol is used as washing solvent in so many ethanol extractors, for example, falling film evaporator, industrial centrifuge, molecular distillation, closed loo extractor and other extractors.

falling film evaporator for ethanol recovery

  As we all know, falling film evaporator is a separation equipment for concentrating or separating substances, especially heat sensitive substances. What’s more, ethanol also can be made by falling film evaporator. Falling film evaporator can achieve the recovery of ethanol by recycling ethanol after extracting sample materials.

does ethanol evaporate

  Ethanol has a quite low boiling point, which means ethanol is very easy to be evaporated. The boiling point of ethanol is lower than water, which is about 78 degree. So that means when ethanol is in the environment that the temperature is under 78 degree, ethanol can get evaporated. Therefore, ethanol does evaporated and the evaporation can happen very easily.


what is a falling film evaporator

  Falling film evaporator is a industrial separation equipment, which is used to separate substances, especially for the heat sensitive components. There are two different types of falling film evaporator, which are vertical falling film evaporator and horizontal falling film evaporator. These two falling film evaporators have different systems, so they are used differently on the materials.

What is a falling film evaporator used for?

  Falling film evaporator is widely used in many fields, including industrial factory, chemical engineering, petroleum and other fields. Falling film evaporator has a high efficiency on the separation of substances, so it is used on milk, glucose, starch, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste liquid recovery and so on.

How does a falling film evaporator work?

  In falling film evaporator equipment, sample materials will be added from the top of falling film evaporator. Then the materials will be divided into thin films, in order to get heated and evaporated more easily. The heating temperature will be set on the boiling point of substance’s boiling point, which is about to get evaporated. After evaporating the substance, the mixture and substance will be separated.

How falling film evaporator extracts cbd

  Falling film evaporator is suitable for heat-sensitive substances, so using falling film evaporator to extract cbd is a right choice. During the extracting process , hemp is added to the upper tube of the heating chamber, and evenly distributed into the heat exchange tubes through the liquid distribution and film forming device. Under the action of gravity and vacuum induction and airflow, it flows into the uniform film from top to bottom. During the flow, the cannabis is heated and vaporized by the shell-side heating medium. The generated steam and the liquid phase enter the separation chamber of the evaporator. The vapor-liquid is sufficiently separated, and the steam enters the condenser for condensation (single-effect operation) or into the next evaporation. The device acts as a heating medium to achieve multi-effect operation, and the liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber.


falling film evaporator pdf

Price Parameters

Price and parameters of falling film evaporator

Evaporation capacity20kg/h50kg/h100kg/h150kg/h200kg/h
Electrical heating power15kw38kw   
Water ring vacuum pump1.5kw2.2kw   
Extreme vacuum-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa-0.095 MPa
Boundary dimension(mm)1800x900x22001900x1200x25002000x1200x30002200x1300x35002500x1500x4000

The confusion of customers

  1. For falling film evaporator, If you have any other components we can use let me know. Can you supply all piping pumps and connections needed?

  Answer:the falling film evaporator needs chiller to run with it when working.

  all the necessary parts are included in the machine, pls don't worry.

  2. The evaporator will need a electric or steam source correct.

  Answer:electric heating is usually used in small ff(20L, 50L), because for large ff(100-200L), the power can't meet , it will cost much, the steam is more economic, but both of the heating method can arrive the same effect

  3. Is there an option for the 100L FFE motors to be single phase 120v instead of 3 phases?

  Answer:the falling film evaporator and supporting chiller can't be single phase, for the power is too large.

  4. Do you know what temperature the ethanol recovery actually operates at?

  Answer:It should not need much cooling.

  the ethanol recovery temp usually operates at 5-10°c

  5. How much does 100Lff weight I saw it said 70Kg but that seems small thus Wonder why the huge industrial chiller.

  Answer:here is size: 2000*1200*3000mm about 1405kg

  6. Why in FFE, usually 5-7°c can make ethanol recovery? While in rotary evaporator, it needs -30°c?

  Answer:Because the vacuum in the FFE is not very high compared to taht in rotovap, the ethanol boiling point in the ff is higher than that in rotovap, so in ff, the only 5-7°C can cool the ethanol, while the rotovap needs lower temp(such as -10, 20 30 even lower to get good effect) to cool the ethanol.

  7. I'm also confused about the ethanol evaporator it needs heater electric oil type or steam over 100L

  Answer:electric heating is usually used in small ff, because for large ff, the power can't meet , it will cost much, the steam is more economic, but both of the heating method can arrive the same effect.

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