Extraction equipment molecular distillation system

What is molecular distillation system

Molecular distillation system is more complicated than the simple and traditional distillation, which are to separate substances though their different boiling points. It is depending on the different molecule motion mean free path among different substances.

 molecular distillation system
molecular distillation system

What are the molecular distillation system products

Molecular distillation system is widely used in so many fields, for example, chemical labs, industrial factories, pharmaceutical field, food-making field, petrochemical industry, oil industry and other fields. Being used in different fields, there are different products made by molecular distillation.

In industrial factories, people use molecular distillation to extract hemp a lot, because molecular distillation has a high efficiency on the extraction and concentration of substances.

In chemical labs, scientists use molecular distillation to complete the separation and reunion among different molecules. Because molecular distillation has a high efficiency, it can deal with a bulk of molecules at the same time.

In food-making field, the products are monoglyceride, lauric acid, propylene glycol fat, L-lactic acid, cod liver oil, rice bran oil, small three wheat germ oil, cinnamon oil, rose oil and so on.

In petrochemical industry, molecular distillation can make amino acid esters, polymer intermediates, vitamin E, vitamins and other medical substances.

molecular distillation system
molecular distillation system

What is molecular distillation fish oil

Fish oil which is extracted from fish tissue, has been around people long time ago, but recently people started to make fish oil better, which is molecular distillation fish oil. There are so many procedures when producing fish oil into molecular distillation fish oil, including extracting, purifying and other essential procedures. In the crude fish oil, it contains several toxic substances, including heavy metals, pesticides and PCBs which need to be removed to keep fish oil healthy. Molecular distillation fish oil is more healthy and can provide people with more nutrition, which can be used by pregnant woman. Therefore, molecular distillation fish oil is very common and popular in the market. There are many advantages of molecular distillation fish oil, for example, it is beneficial for people’s heart; it may be helpful for people’s mental disorders; it may help to lose weight; it is helpful to your eyes; it can reduce inflammation; it is beneficial to your skin. Besides these advantages, molecular distillation fish oil also has more advantages.

Which vitamin is present in fish oil

Molecular distillation fish oil contains many kinds of nutrition substances, especially vitamin. Molecular distillation fish oil contains vitamin A and vitamin D. What’s more, molecular distillation fish oil also contains omega-3s, which has a very high nutritional value and includes protection against a number of diseases. It is recommended eating 1–2 portions of fish per week according to The World Health Organization (WHO). However, you can also have fish oil supplements which can help you get enough omega-3s. Because around 30% of fish oil is made up of omega-3s, and the rest 70% is made up of other fats.

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