Evaporation Equipment

evaporator types

There are many kinds of evaporators, which have same functions but different structures. For example, forced circulation evaporator, falling film evaporator, rising film evaporator, climbing and falling-film plate evaporator, multiple-effect evaporators, agitated thin film evaporators and so on. Among these different evaporators, different evaporators are suitable for different materials.

The extraction of cbd by evaporating equipments

Recently, more and more people starts to focus on extracting cbd because the extraction of cbd is being used in so many fields. So people maybe wonder what kind of machine can do that work. Actually, evaporating equipments can extract cbd from hemp very well. Nowadays, there are several kinds of evaporating equipments, for example, rotary evaporator, falling film evaporator, wiped film evaporator, short-path distillation and other evaporating equipments. They all can extract cbd from hemp according to people’s extracting requirements. So let’s go through how these evaporating equipments extract cbd:

  1. How rotary evaporator extracts cbd from hemp: put hemp into the evaporation flask, and set the heating mantle temperature at the cbd boiling point. With the evaporation flask rotating continuously, the cbd within hemp mixture gets to be evaporated. The gas-phase cbd will be transferred into the condensing part. After being condensed, the liquid-phase cbd will be collected in the receiving flask for users easy to get.
  2. How falling film evaporator extracts cbd from hemp: different from rotary evaporator, we need to put hemp into the falling film evaporator from the top. And then hemp will get to be washed by ethanol, in order to get extracted. After extracting cbd from the hemp mixture, cbd will be collected into the collecting tank. And then users will take the whole cbd out.
  3. How wiped film evaporator extracts cbd from hemp: put hemp into the wiped film evaporator into the evaporating area above heating area. Then the hemp mixture will be heated and wiped into a thin film evenly. During this process, cbd will be extracted out of the hemp mixture. Then the separator will separate cbd and hemp mixture apart. Last, cbd will be collected into the collecting flask for users to get.

As we can see, these three evaporating equipments are different extracting ways to extract cbd from hemp. But they all are the efficient equipments to extract cbd.

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