Closed loop extraction tips

What is closed loop extraction

  Closed loop extraction is an extraction equipment working within a closed container, which means the outside atmosphere will never get into the working process. The materials in the closed loop extraction working process will be recycled again, which makes closed loop extraction equipment very energy-saving. Closed loop extraction is an effective and convenient equipment to concentrate substances.

Closed loop extraction tips

  As we all know, closed loop extraction is a very complicated equipment, so we are supposed to know some tips when we use this equipment. We will take processing hemp as an example:

  1. The way you prepare your hemp plant materials will directly influence the end product you get. Because there are so many cells within the hemp plant materials, if you put the plant in a wrong way, the cells will get destroyed, which will directly cause very bad end product.

  2. Maybe some people wonder that how users recognize hemp plant materials get totally extracted. The way to recognizing it is, the solvent with no color represents the hemp plant materials get totally extracted and there is barely no cbd within it.

  3. We all know that, the extraction of cbd is under low temperature, because low temperature can keep the water within hemp plant materials stay inside.

  It is important to pay attention to these operating tips when you operate a closed loop extraction equipment, because these tips can keep you safe and help you get a high efficiency.

How to operate a simple closed loop hydrocarbon extractor

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