Operation Procedures of Short Path Molecular Distillation

  Generally, the short path distillation equipment has passed the strict hydrostatic test and trial operation before leaving factory, whose indicators all meet the equipment requirements. The operation procedures of the short path molecular distillation will be introduced as follows. What should be noticed:   1. The circulating hot oil in the external interlayer is adopted for …

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Fractional Distillation

What Equipment is Required for Fractional Distillation? Fractional Distillation, also known as Fractionation, is the technique of separating volatile components with different boiling points in a mixture into different parts, which is used for the purification of chemicals or the separation of mixtures in order to obtain some certain components. Without new material produced in …

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Why are Short-Path and Molecular Distillation Used?

1. Outline   Many materials, including petroleum,heavy residue, chemical medicine, medicine and natural food, health care products, fatty acid and so on, are generally heat sensitive and viscous. Moreover, they also possess high boiling points. Separating these materials from their components and maintaining the quality of such products are only able to distillate at low boiling …

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Why Produce CBD Oils or Cannabis Extracts?

  Extracting industrial hemp plants into CBD oil is one of the fastest-growing, most stable, and value-added segments of the broader cannabis industry. Extraction allows manufacturers to transform hemp or cannabis biomass into bulk ingredient essential oils, waxes, cannabinoids, terpenes, crystals or distillate oil. These high quality oils are then transformed into novel food ingredients, supplement …

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What is Cannabis Distillation?

  These days, CBD and THC extraction has become more sophisticated, resulting in incredibly high quality and premium CBD and THC concentrates with no impurities. Distillation is one of the newest and most effective way of extracting pure, very high quality hemp concentrates.   While it’s not as popular as the supercritical CO2 extraction method –which is …

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How is Ethanol Extracted?

What is the Ethanol Extraction Process? Ethanol is a commonly used fuel, solvent and disinfectant and is also used to make other compounds. Industrial alcohol contains a small amount of methanol, and medical alcohol is ethanol with a concentration of about 75%. It is commonly used in the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine and tanning …

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